Sunflower Decorations

For Your Autumn Porch Decorating

I am delighted to show you our sunflower decorations for our autumn porch. Most we made ourselves.



Decorating with sunflowers is fun because those big bright yellow flowers add an easy pop of color to an autumn porch.

And what goes with yellow? Blue surely does. And orange, too. When the leaves change to their beautiful red and golds, our sunflower porch will be reflected in nature's colors.

Using Sunflower Decorations to Create a Joyful Porch

Autumn porch decorated with sunflower decor

Dave and I are glad you are here to get ideas for your porch. We hope it's inspiring to you and that you enjoy the different ways we used sunflower decorations on our porch. We kept it simple and understated.

Autumn porch decorated with sunflower decor

Our autumn porch has a feeling of joyful peacefulness. We purposely uncluttered, the sunflower decorations are pleasing and comfortable.

Autumn porch decorated with sunflower decor

The blue-green print fabric we used on our rocking chair cushions nicely complements the yellow-orange in the sunflowers.

What Inspired the Sunflower Decorations

Sunflower painting I did for our porch

The starting point for our sunflower decor is this painting I did to go in between our blue shutters. It's made from fence slats attached together on the back.

I would love if my painting would give you the confidence to try painting for yourself. It is easy and rewarding to do and I hope you will try it.

Sunflowers are simple to draw: just draw a circle and then add some petals around the circle. The painting part is not hard either. I took pictures along the way and am sharing them in the video further down on the page.

Sunflower decorations are easy to make and we hope you give it a go.

Close-up of the sunflower painting I did for our porch
A close-up of the sunflower painting
When I painted this, the 3 fence slats were together (no spaces in between). Later, Dave put a space in between the slats and placed a couple horizontal boards across the back to hold the 3 slats together.

Our porch decorated with a sunflower theme. Taken from the curb.

This picture gives you an idea of the size of the sunflower painting and how it looks from afar. It's easily noticed from the curb and sets the entire tone for our autumn porch.

The size of the painting is 15" across by 33" tall. Naturally yours could be entirely different depending upon your style and available wall space.

We tied colors together by including a few extra "pops" of color such as the colorful mums, cushion backs, table runner, sunflower pillows I made and the cobalt blue enamel ware pitcher. Having a haint blue porch ceiling adds color, too.



Video: See How I Created the Sunflower Wall Art

In this video I show you incremental pictures on painting the sunflowers. I hope you enjoy it!

Cute Sunflower Pillows

Our front porch swing with gray and white checked cushions and sunflower pillows.

Take a peek around the corner of our wrap-around porch, a corner the grandchildren love. Our front porch swing is ready for autumn, too.

The cushions are wrapped with gray and white checked fabric - the same fabric I used indoors for our front room curtains.

No sewing involved in covering those cushions. Just take a piece of fabric large enough to cover your cushion, then wrap it as you would a present and pin it on the back. Works like a charm.

I painted the sunflower pillow medallions on the pillows. And do you see the no-sew blue pillow in the middle? Take a look at the collage below to see how it's so easily put together.

The collage shows you how to cover a pillow without any sewing. Easy to change out for the seasons.

Follow the above collage from left to right and top to bottom to see how to create a no-sew pillow that is so very easy to do and looks, well rather nice! Adding the sunflower is optional. We didn't invent this idea but we sure do like it.

No-sew pillow is easily made by wrapping fabric around a ready-made pillow and pinning in the back.

A close-up of our no-sew pillow with the sunflower decoration. If you look at the porch swing picture above, you can see it without the sunflower.

Which one do you like more? Dave likes the plainer version without the sunflower.

Three sunflower pillows we made for our front porch for autumn decorating

Here are the sunflower pillows I painted. You could optionally find sunflower fabric instead. Like the sunflower painting we did between the shutters, these pillow fronts were very simple to paint.

Even easier than the sunflower painting as they are less detailed and no leaves.

Notice that I simply sewed the sunflower motifs onto the pillow covers - could be one that you make like mine or one you purchase.

If you would like to watch the progression of the sunflower motifs being painted, then enjoy our short video below. Thank you!

Video: Painting Sunflower Motifs on Porch Pillows

In this video I show you pictures of the sunflower motif paintings as I did them. I hope you see it's fun to do!

A Simple Sunflower Wreath on a Blue Front Door

Sunflower wreath on our front door is super simple to make

The decorative wreath on our front door is also simple. It's basically a grapevine wreath with half of a sunflower garland (the other half can be used elsewhere) wrapped to one side of it.

Then a piece of burlap and gold ribbon for hanging. Simple and it looks pretty on our blue front door.

This wreath would look amazing on a red front door, too. Which reminds me of this next picture.

Sunflower wreath on a red front door

Just recalling this cute sunflower wreath that we saw on a red front door in Newport Beach. Isn't it striking?

I wanted to share with you how amazing sunflowers look on red, too.

Autumn porch decorated with sunflower decor

Blues and yellows go perfect together. We are excited to see how it will all look when the colors change on the trees.

A decorative white-washed birdhouse with an autumn theme

Take a look at the bird house that sits between our rocking chairs. This birdhouse used to be very colorful.

For fall, we simply painted it white and distressed it with vinegar (pure white vinegar rubbed on with a soft cloth). For a pop of color, we painted the front door red, then added the little pumpkins (wooden balls painted orange) and "corn stalks" made of raffia.

Dress up your porch steps for autumn so easily with pots of mums.

A super easy way to dress up your porch for autumn is to put potted plants on your front porch steps. We were so fortunate to find these mums on sale for $2 each. Eventually we will plant them in the ground as a perennial to enjoy year after year.


And Now for the Rest of the Story

Another look at our autumn porch with sunflower decorations

We are enjoying the sunflower decorations on our autumn porch. We would be remiss not to tell you what happened after we took this picture.

A big storm hit our porch. The strong winds and rain blew most everything off the porch and we were left with quite a mess. Fortunately most everything survived and now we just need to let it dry out and put it all back together again.

Related Ideas We Know You Will Enjoy

Painted Pumpkin Pillow Toppers

Our painted pumpkin pillow toppers

Last year we had a pumpkin theme for our fall porch decorating. I had a blast painting these pumpkin pillow toppers and I am delighted to share my instructions with you.

Autumn Decorating Ideas Shared by Bloggers

Tartan plaids and cornstalks on Courtenay's delightful autumn porch - The Creek Line House

We were super delighted that twenty some bloggers shared their fall porch decorating ideas with us. Like this beauty - Courtenay's autumn porch (The Creek Line House). You can see more of her tartan plaids, cornstalks and delightful autumn color palette.

Back Porch Ideas for Autumn

Our back porch has been freshened up for autumn and we want to share our ideas with you

Dave and I also have a nice covered back porch. It needed to be freshened up so we are pretty happy with the way our back porch looks for autumn. From the cushions that we re-covered to the no-sew pillows, it turned out well.

We hope you enjoy your new sunflower decorations!


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