Memories from Our Autumn and Halloween Porch Contest

Autumn Porch Decorating Examples for Inspiration

We've enjoyed receiving autumn porch photos over the years and believe they are a great way from which to get some new and innovative decorating ideas.

Autumn Halloween Contest Autumn Halloween Contest

Autumn Halloween Contest Autumn Halloween Contest

You Are at the Right Place for Decorating Ideas

Autumn Halloween Contest

More autumn and Halloween porches:

More Fun Examples to Inspire You

Autumn Halloween Contest Autumn Halloween Contest

Autumn Halloween Contest Autumn Halloween Contest

Very creative scarecrow
Photo is used with permission, courtesy Deep Fried Kudzu

How We Decorated Our Porch for Autumn

Our autumn porch at our new home

We like how our autumn porch turned out on our new home. We live at the end of a little lane so when neighbors stop by, it's a nice surprise for them to see our autumn decor.

Re-purposed Bird Bath for Autumn

cobalt blue bird bath repurposed into an autumn harvest bonanza

We have this wonderful cobalt blue birdbath.

But guess what? The birds are not fond of it. We think it's because they see their own reflection and are scared.

So we use it decoratively instead. So for our autumn porch, it is the home of a bountiful harvest of pumpkins, gourds, kale, mums and straw. And of course, our little friend, Fred.

bird bath turned into autumn decoration

Just heap it up with your own harvested goods or what you purchased. Don't worry about it being super pretty - unless you want to, of course. It will be beautiful on its own because of autumn's glorious colors and textures.

closeup of aurumn harvest in repurposed bird bath

What are your favorites here? Mine are this bumpy bright orange pumpkin and the bright white gourd. They are both so vibrant and eye-catching.

Autumn is a showy season so it's fitting that your porch be showy, too.

Meet Fred our little turtle friend

We invited our tutle friend, Fred, to join our autumn porch. He makes all the difference in the world! Do you have a cute little guy to include in your display? Then do it. Your neighbors will be giving you compliments!

Video: A Tour of Our Autumn Porch

Enjoy our autumn porch tour

The Front Door

Our front door and entryway for autumn

How do you decorate your front door? We made our own wreath this year and we named it "autumn splendor". It was surprisingly easy to make but turned out beautifully.

And to the left of our front door, you see our autumn pumpkin fence project. It adds a light-hearted feeling to our autumn porch.

faux pumpkin topiary

Dave and I made the faux pumpkin topiary. (I am not fond of the word "faux", are you?) We decorated it with beautiful sparkly gold leaves and red raffia.

Comfort Means a Lot

Make your porch comfortable for all seasons

What says comfort to you? How do you make your porch a comfortable place to enjoy?

autumn porch with area rug, cushions and pillows

We added an area rug to our porch and that is soft on the tootsies. Really warms up the porch and makes it feel like a room. It's an indoor rug and so far it has been just fine outside.

Front porch decorated for autumn just like a room in the house

A table lamp, side table, cushions, autumn-covered pillows (see our pillow project) - anything that makes your porch feel like home. Of course, in the fall, we've incorporated some autumn-ish colors like the oranges and brown polka dots - oh, and the pumpkins.

Colorful side table covered with burlap and brown polka dot fabric remnant

The colorful little side table - I just put a swatch of orange burlap and some of the brown polka dot fabric I had left over from making the pillows. No hemming really - just simple and we can re-use that fabric for something else later on.

Meet our cute bunny on the porch

Our bunny is a fun addition to our porch. Adding treasures here and there makes your porch feel like home.

Little wooden box filled with hickory nuts on table on front porch

Dave made this little wooden box for me for our porch. I can just imagine all the uses for it - nuts, pretty rocks, marbles, dried flowers, mini pumpkins, gourds, jelly beans (ha!). You could make a box like this any size you want.

Do you see the jar in the background?

I just put a solar lid on it - one of those kind you put in your yard. At night it gently lights up. The first few nights I put it out there, I had to run out and see it. So cute.

Decorate Your Porch Steps

Porch steps decorated for autumn

Don't overlook your porch steps. Leave room for safe walking though. Our round brick steps are wide so we have room for pumpkins, gourds and pots of mums.

Decorated porch steps can really add volumes of personality to your porch.

Place items of color and texture on your porch steps for autumn

Lots of color, textures, big and small sizes. All makes for visual interest on your steps.

brick front porch steps decorated for fall

Don't forget to go to the top of your steps and look down to get that perspective, too. It's a totally different view and beautiful in its own way.

Bunny on the front porch for autumn

There's our little bunny showing up again. How did he get there? Have fun using what you have. It does not need to cost you anything.

Power of Porchscaping

Landscaping around our front porch

Amazing what landscaping around your porch can do. If your landscaping is older, maybe it just needs to be cut back and thinned out to give it a fresh look. Autumn is a fantastic time to plant new perennials, bulbs and hardy mums.

We live in Middle TN, so our climate is warm enough that we can enjoy pansies and colorful kale until spring.

Flowers and plants so vibrant in autumn

Oftentimes, flowers and plants thrive even better in the fall than in the hot days of summer. Like our sweet potato vine you see here - it just took off in the past month. The color is amazing. And how beautiful it contrasts with our asters and zinnias.

Kale in our porch garden

This is the first year we planted kale in the fall. Have you done that before? It's a pretty splash of color and texture around the porch and should last until spring.

We tucked pansies in between the kale. When we lived up north, I was always enamored of places that could enjoy pansies in the winter time.

Hardy mums

Look for hardy mums when you buy them. Why? Because in most growing zones, you can plant them and they will come up every year. We will be planting ours in the ground once the pretty blooms are done.

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