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Farm House Porches

Quaint, Comfortable, and Appealing

Farm house porches are designed for comfort. They are usually large, inviting, and can accommodate the always favorite porch swing rocking chairs too!

They are perfect places upon which to sit and watch the world go by.



Mary and I love country homes, especially large front wrap around porches. They offer many options for decorating, furnishing, and entertaining.

You can accommodate several friends and neighbors for great conversation or create a special nook for intimate dining and relaxing.

Isn't This Farm House Plan a Beauty?

Wonderful wraparound porch on this sprawling farmhouse - Family Home Plans
Classic farm house with sprawling wraparound porch - Plan #86245
Back of beautiful farmhouse - Family Home Plans
25' by 10' screen porch on back of this classic farm house - Plan #86245
We are excited to have found this farmhouse plan from Family Home Plans. Isn't it gorgeous? What a place to call home. In addition to the lovely wraparound porch, it also has a spacious screen porch on the back. Family time, time to retreat, time to entertain.

2,842 square feet of living space - nice size indeed. Master bedroom down and three more bedrooms upstairs.

Pictures and Characteristics
of Farm House Porches

We hope you enjoy these pictures and get plenty of ideas for your own country porch! We'll point out specific characteristics that make these truly "farm house porches".

Sprawling wraparound porch on this beautiful farmhouse
Classic farm house with sprawling wraparound porch

Lovely wraparound porch on this beautiful country home
Who wouldn't want to call this porch "home"?
Notice the hip roof over the home is extended over the wraparound front porch in the photo above. This gives the home a contiguous look.

Also, running trim has been added between the porch columns which gives the large porch a softer appeal. Historically, farm house porches were more plain in appearance but in this case, it makes for more inviting porch.

Open country porch with wind breaker panels
One of our favorite porches - we could sit on this swing a long time
The unique and attractive wind break (in photo above) makes for longer porch sitting time for sure. It not only is functional but also aesthetically beautiful too.

Farm houses are usually located in fairly treeless areas so there isn't much available to block the wind. Panels like these make for more comfort and do not inhibit the view.

Contemporary farm house porch
Contemporary farm house porch with gazebo corner
Not a traditional feature of country porches, gazebo-type structures at the corner have become more popular recently. Most have turret-style roofs above them. However, this does give you more space for relaxing or entertaining.

Quaint open porch with Victorian flair
Small country-style open porch with Victorian appeal

Not all country-style porches are large. The photo above depicts a quaint farm house porch with Victorian detailing, specifically running trim and brackets. We love open porch (no railings) and the wide brick steps. Together these features create a very curb appealing front porch.

Classic American Farm House Porches

Show off your farm house porch - send us your pictures! We'd love to see pictures of your country porch and may place them here for other's to see as well. It's so easy. Snap photos and send them to us.

The following three country porch photos depict the all American farm house porch. Along with the photo at the top of this page, these porches are what we call "true farm house" porches. Note; however, all three have different designs.

Classic American farm house front porch

Idyllic front and back porches allow for enjoyment any time of day. Decked out with American flags, who wouldn't want to spend some time porch sitting!

Note the shed roof design. The easiest of porch roofs to build, they provide ample coverage and have a classic appeal of their own.

Wrap around country porch with gable roof at corner
Design includes a gable over the corner
The gable corner is somewhat unique to country porches and this one adds something extra to the ordinary. Instead of a 90-degree corner, this wrap around angles the corner to soften the overall look. We like the picket fence too!

Farm house with hip roof and gable over front porch
Farm house porch with hip roof design
Note the hip roof and gable over the front porch. We like the standing seam metal roof - porches love 'em! A metal roof last almost forever making it very economical in the long run.



Advantages of Wrap Around Porches

Mary and I really enjoy wrap around porches.
  • You can use your porch during different times of the day to retreat from wind and sun. We think this is one of the best reasons to have a wrap around porch.
  • Country farm house
  • Gives you the option for an additional entrance into your home
  • Offers different views from your home
  • Part of the space could be turned into a privacy porch for a quiet retreat.
  • You have the flexibility to decorate portions of the porch differently depending on your needs. One section may be more formal (like a sitting area) while another portion may be styled for entertaining.

Wrap around porches were very popular on Victorian-style farmhouses and now can be found on other style homes as well such as craftsman and shingle-style homes.

large wrap around farm house country porch on hill
Farmhouse porches like this are reminders of the good ol' days

An Often Overlooked Country Porch Feature

Besides the balustrade (porch railings) and porch columns, there is another feature that is frequently overlooked when designing a country porch.

Don't make this mistake.

an aluminum exterior screen door Don't forget to get an iconic exterior screen door.

These aren't your Grandmother's screen doors (although there's nothing wrong with Grandma's doors). They come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

You can't beat these screen doors for aesthetics and longevity; they will look fantastic for many years to come.


Other Farm House Essentials

Rocking chairs and swings will not only look at home on your country style front porch but also add comfort and joy.

two porch rocking chairs with a view
Find the Perfect Porch Rocking Chairs

Who doesn't love spending some time rocking on a porch! We can help you find the perfect rocker upon which to watch the world go by.
comfortable country porch wicker swing
Porch Swings

Nothing like spending time swaying in the breeze on a comfortable front porch swing. There are so many from which to choose - let us help you find the right one.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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