By Dave and Mary

Fantastic Porch Ideas from the Road

On the road van Our porch ideas taken from porches we've seen in small towns and large cities are sure to inspire you.

We've traversed many streets, roads, and alleys to bring you a myriad of ideas for your own front porch. See if we've visited your town or discover what others have done to create amazing front porches. Our Porch Ideas 2 is loaded with ideas; be sure to see Porch Ideas and Porch Ideas 3 too!

Victorian porch with colorful hanging baskets

Beautiful Victorian Front Porch in Cape May NJ
You'll find plenty of...
  • Porch decorating ideas
  • Ideas for various front porch designs
  • Porch columns and porch railings ideas
  • Neat examples of porch ceilings, porch flooring and porch steps
  • Inspiration for your porch furniture and accents
  • Also lots of landscaping ideas, planters, hanging baskets

We've visited so many towns and cities that we've broken them into three sections. Be sure to see each section (your town might be listed) to find a myriad of front porch ideas. In this section we highlight the following towns:
  • Fanklin Tennessee
  • Fredericksburg Texas
  • Hillsboro Virginia
  • Holdredge Nebraska
  • Leipers Fork Tennessee
  • Lewis Center Ohio
  • Lexington Virginia
  • Lynchburg Tennessee
  • Madison Indiana
  • Newport Beach California
  • Pacific Grove California

Porch Ideas from Our Road Trips

Spring Porches of Franklin Tennessee

Spring time porch in Franklin Tennessee
See Franklin TN's spring porches
Franklin Tennessee is a quaint southern town whose porches come to life in the spring.

Walking the brick lined streets and taking in the sights of beautiful dogwoods and azaleas was sure fun. And we got a myriad of porch ideas too!

See our photos spring porch pictures from lovely Franklin Tennessee.

Fredericksburg, Texas

You won't be disappointed when you visit this Texas Hill Country town. Plenty of fabulous front porches, lots of history, and that good all Texas hospitality.

beautiful fretwork on porch in Fredericksburg TX
Fredericksburg, Texas

Mary and I enjoyed a few days with our friends from Vintage Woodworks and toured this wonderful community There was a wonderful porch in every direction in Fredericksburg; we won't tell you how many photos we took - here's but a small sample. (Mary says I shouldn't mention that we took several hundred photos.)

We couldn't help but notice just how many porches were adorned with exterior house trim. As you will note in the following photos, the ideal exterior trim can transition your porch from quaint to spectacular!

charming front porch with column brackets in Fredericksburg Texas
Column brackets boost porch appeal
Note how the size of porch columns affects the overall appeal of the home. On the porch above, standard 4x4 porch columns with brackets give this porch a more "airy and open" appeal whereas, the porch columns below give this porch a bolder look. Both work well with the architecture of the homes.

white display cabinet on front porch
Charming white display cabinet on front porch
Adding a curio cabinet or other like piece of furniture on your porch creates a nice focal point and is definitely a conversation starter for guests.

Mary and I love picket fences like the one below. There's just something about a white picket fence in front of a home - perhaps we've been influenced too much by either Huckleberry Finn or Opie!

white picket fence with bistro table on front porch
Picket fences and porches just seem to go together
small porch with amazing fretwork and exterior house trim
Add charm to a small porch with exterior house trim

colorful flower landscaping in front of spacious front porch
Colorful porch landscaping

sawn pickets for picket fence in front of porch
Unique picket fence design complements front porch trim

Put Fredericksburg on your "to visit" list; you won't be disappointed.

Hillsboro, Virginia

Hillsboro VA (originally Hillsborough) is located near the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northwestern part of Virginia and 10 miles south of historic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. This small town had no street addresses for buildings until 2000; up to then buildings were only referred to by their owner's names or purposes.

Although quite small and quaint, this Loudon County community can boast about their porches! We had a fun hour or so taking pictures and strolling with our family along Charles Town Pike. We hope these photos give you some ideas for your own porch and joy in seeing a very small town in America.

the community of Hillsboro VA in Loudon County VA
Small, quaint Virginia town, Hillsboro VA
half round porch columns on front porch
Half round porch columns
Take special note of the decorative half round columns. Although not installed as supporting columns, they add sophistication to this porch.

We appreciate how they are painted to match the sawn balusters. Such cohesive appeal.

exterior house trim on gable roof
Charming front porch with gable roof
We found this adorable porch, complete with exterior house trim on the gable, quite charming!

exterior house trim on gable roof
Traditional chink log home in Hillsboro VA
Imagine spending a little on this traditional chink log porch. Chinking is the material between the logs and can range from mortar to other fill materials.

haint blue porch ceiling on two story home
Traditional haint blue porch ceiling
porch columsn with brackets
Porch columns with ornate brackets
Want an easy way to add charm to almost any porch? Brackets are your answer. Brackets add much charm and personality to this inviting porch and are straightforward to install.

Our sponsor, Vintage Woodworks, produces beautiful handcrafted brackets and other porch parts.

cottage garden landscaping in front of porch
Pretty cottage garden
This cottage style flower garden adds ribbons of color to the front yard landscaping. Filled with easy-to-care-for perennials, cottage gardens can be low maintenance and cost effective over the years.

We enjoyed our visit to Hillsboro VA and encourage you to stop by when you're in the area.

Holdrege, Nebraska

holdrege nebraska country porch with rocking chairs
Holdrege, Nebraska
Holdrege, Nebraska is located almost in the geographical center of the U.S. More importantly, it is a wonderful community with quaint homes and picturesque front porches. The residents of Holdrege take great pride in maintaining and decorating their porches.

We'll not only show you some beautiful porches in Holdrege Nebraska but also offer information about porch designs and options you can use for your porch. These porches offer many ideas you can use to enhance, design, and decorate to create an amazing porch on your home.

Take a look at this pretty porch decorated for autumn. How welcoming!

open front porch on home in holdrege nebraska
Pumpkins line the porch steps
Sawn balusters like those in the photo below are ideal for adding charm to most porches. Ideally, they work best on Victorian style homes; however, you can use them quite easily on country, farmhouse, and other similar porches.

If you like the look of sawn balusters, be sure to see our entire section and photos.

decorative balusters on quaint front porch
Decorative sawn front porch balusters
Speaking of Victorian porches, this porch has traditional column brackets and running trim. Combined with turned balusters (railings) and aesthetically pleasing paint, this front porch is truly charming.

Victorian front porch in Holdrege NE

The paint makes this a Victorian-style front porch (below). Although it doesn't have all the ginger-bread trim, the colorful turned front porch columns are typical on Victorian homes. If you love Victorian homes and porches, be sure to see our portfolio for more ideas.

The mansard porch roof, in lieu of a shed roof, is ideal for expanding the depth of a porch (although this one is fairly shallow). It is commonly used when the slope of a shed roof is limited by the second story window above the porch.

Victorian style front porch columns
Painted turned front porch columns

Leipers Fork TN

downtown Leipers Fork TN
Leipers Fork Tennessee
Leipers Fork TN is a small rural community just outside of Nashville TN. We love its small-town feel and relaxing nature. Here even the store fronts have cozy porches.

Porches and rocking chairs galore in Leipers Fork. Living the country life seems easy here.

Visiting here takes you back to when life was a little slower and more relaxed. I think Dave and I could take up residence in Leipers wouldn't have to break my arm.

Leipers Fork storefront

So many of the store fronts have porches, like this one. Doesn't this inviting entrance just make you want to walk inside?

rocking chairs with red cushions on front porch

The red cushions on the wicker rockers and pretty red geranium add such spice to this pretty porch. And I would love to sit on that blue porch swing for a while, too.

red adirondack chairs on front porch

This charming porch has a lot of personality. I like the mirror, the wall hangings and the cushioned Adirondack chairs. The potted ferns are nice accents.

black rockers on open porch

These rocking chairs and plants just have "welcome" written all over them. Love this about Leipers Fork TN. If you get the opportunity to visit, take in their shops and art galleries.

Colorful, charming, Leipers Fork. Come and spend a day in this relaxing country town. We had a really nice visit. It's good for the soul.

Lewis Center Ohio

charming front porch in Lewis Center OH
Lewis Center OH
Lewis Center Ohio is a bustling community on the outskirts of Columbus Ohio.

Lewis Center is home to not only tons of shopping but also located near Alum Creek State Park. We like the streets lined with well-kept landscaping and of course - porches! We hit a bonanza of small porches we know you'll love too.

See our Lewis Center Ohio porch pictures.

Lexington, VA

Tree lined streets, picket fences, and fine porches make this a neat place to visit for sure. We had the pleasure of exploring its many side streets in search of porches we know you'd enjoy too.

picturesque front porch in Lexington VA
Lexington Virginia

You will find lots of history in this small community. Robert E. Lee and Andrew Jackson are buried here. Cyrus McCormick, whom we all read about as kids in school, and his horse-drawn mechanical reaper was invented on his farm not too far from Lexington.

But I digress, it's the porches we want to show you.

Lexington VA can boast that it is home to Washington and Lee University and the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). But Mary and I know it also can be proud of its many wonderful front porches.

Located in western Virginia not far from the West Virginia border, Lexington is a wonderfully scenic and friendly small town. quaint porch with combination front porch railing
Summer on the porch in Lexington VA
There's something special about a beautiful, engaging front porch. We really like the gate over the front brick steps made to match the porch balustrade.

classic front porch with baluster gate over steps
Classic American front porch in Lexington VA
Sawn balusters, like the one below, are perfect for adding curb appeal and privacy too. Sawn balusters are normally custom made so you can assist in creating the design. You can choose either traditional sawn wood or if you prefer less maintenance, you can opt for vinyl lattice sawn panels.

sawn baluster for privacy
Interesting sawn baluster on traditional front porch
A relatively quick and easy way to spruce up your front porch is to paint your door a vibrant color. Add cushions and other outdoor decor in complementary (or even contrasting colors) to create curb appeal envy!

This front entrance is definitely eye-catching.

purple front door on porch
Colorful front door on porch
We love finding great ideas for porches and this is one of them. This decorative lattice screen (below) is perfect for growing vines for color and/or for offering a bit of privacy.

Lynchburg, Tennessee

Dave and I took a short trip to Lynchburg recently and found all kinds of southern charm. Porches, whiskey and Tennessee summer heat. We crossed this small town on foot enjoying the many porches and shops.

Lynchburg TN is best known for it's world famous Jack Daniels Distillery. But, it also could boast about the many southern porches we discovered on our travels.

lynchburg TN front porch with sawn balusters
Picturesque sawn balusters on this front porch
Jack Daniel's whiskey is marketed worldwide and produced in a town with only one traffic light. What many might not know is that it is located in a 'dry' county; you cannot purchase it there.

Lynchburg trivia also includes residents Davy Crockett and Little Richard at one point in time.

Front porch of Miss Mary Bobo's Restaurant in Lynchburg TN
Visit Lynchburg, TN and enjoy Miss Mary Bobo's front porch

We were surprised to find two porch designs that are not often seen. The combination gable with two adjoining shed roofs is an interesting design feature.

The shed roofs provide additional protection from the weather and extend the functionality of the porch.

porch with a combination gable and two shed roofs
Combination gable and shed porch roofs
The stone facade on this porch makes a bold statement and clearly defines the entrance.

porch with a stone facade
Stone-faced porch entrance
Adjoining patios add additional outdoor living space.

patio porch e
Patios add an expansive look to the home
We also found this charming cottage style home with a craftsman-style porch columns.

cottage house with craftsman porch columns
Craftsman-style porch columns are a classic touch
Creative landscaping adds to the home's charm and gives it a cohesive look. A dry creek bed integrated into the landscaping is ideal for controlling drainage.

dry creekbed landscaping for drainage
Dry creek bed landscaping
If you have the time, take a tour of the Lynchburg Jail Museum. It was in operation for about 100 years and is made of heavy oak timber and contains two 8 foot by 8 foot jail cells.

Madison, Indiana

front porches along street in madison indiana
Madison, Indiana
Charles Kuralt said of Madison that it is "The most beautiful river town in America." Mary and I fell in love with this quaint but vibrant town along the Ohio River.

Madison overflows with beautiful porches, an amazing downtown area, and events and festivals throughout the year. We found picturesque porches on every street along with some of the nicest people we've encountered.

simple evergreen garland and bows on porch railings for christmas in madison indiana
Simple evergreen garland and bows make for a charming display

Enjoy our pictures covering spring and Christmas - Madison, Indiana.

Newport Beach and Naples California

Newport Beach is an amazing California community and host to television shows like the OC. It also has beautiful front porches too!

collage of Newport Beach porches
Newport Beach Beauty
Not only do they have lots of beach activities to include sailing, fishing, and more, but also magnificent homes and neighborhoods to explore.

Romanesque style porch on home in Newport Beach California
Romanesque style front porch
Naples, California, is located near both Newport Beach and Long Beach and could easily remind one of Venice Italy with its picturesque canals.

view of Naples California canal and homes
Canals, boats, porches, and patios of Naples
Victoian home and porch in Naples California
Victorian Home and Porch in Naples
white roses in front of porch in  Naples California
White Rose Lined Front Porch
nice fire pit and patio porch inNaples California
Nice Fire pit and Patio Porch
beautiful patio porch in Naples California
Brick Patio Porch

Homes lining the canals have beautiful southern California porches and patios; all of which can give you lots of ideas. View our photos and discover this amazing community - Newport Beach, California.

Pacific Grove California

colorful front porch in Pacific Grove CA
California's Pacific Grove
Pacific Grove California is home to a massive monarch butterfly migration and fabulous porches. Although known for its Victorian porches, we focused on small porch ideas and they were abundant.

The porches in Pacific Grove were very colorful on restored vintage wooden bungalows. It was evident that homeowners took pride in making their front porches something to behold. We know you will enjoy the information we share; you will get plenty of ideas for your own porch too.

Green Front Porch with spandrel
Beautiful combination of green and soft pink
Green colors, like on the porch above, are used on small homes or bungalows. It blends in nicely in natural settings.

small porch with Victorian appeal
Victorian appeal
Victorian-style homes often use what is called triadic colors (or three color combinations). It is said that a red/violet, yellow/orange, or blue/green combination are perfect examples of triadic colors.

pink porch and house
Pretty in pink
For small porches, consider using combinations of white, pastels, neutral, and beige colors which will make your porch appear larger. A darker trim color helps also. You might consider these possible combinations: pale yellow or white with dark green or yellow with dark brown trim.

On the road with Front Porch Ideas and More

Does your town have wonderful porches? Then please share that with us. We may visit your town on our next porch tour.

Mary and Dave, Founders of Front Porch Ideas and More
Hi! We're Mary and Dave, lifelong DIYers, high school sweethearts, and we both love porches. You've come to the right place for thousands of porch ideas.

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Mary and Dave, Founders of Front Porch Ideas and More
Hi! We're Mary and Dave, lifelong DIYers, high school sweethearts, and we both love porches. You've come to the right place for thousands of porch ideas.
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