Screen Door Guards
For Your Porch Screen Door

Screen door guards not only protect your screen, but also can save you repair time. Who hasn't pushed on a porch screen door's screen at some point?



We know our kids and grand kids have pushed on our doors more than a time or two! Screen door guards come in a variety of options to solve your specific screen door issue, whether it be inattentive adults, children, or your favorite pet.

Screen door guards help protect your screen, keep it looking great and can save you the expense of re-screening your porch screen door.

wire mesh Screen Door Grill Example
Wire Mesh Screen Door Guard Available on Amazon (affiliate link)
It's just natural for kids to push on the screen due to their size and pets can wreak havoc jumping and scratching on your screen door. The solution is a door guard. Depending on your specific issue, there are several types to consider.

Screen Door Guard Options

Screen Door Grilles

wire mesh Screen Door Grill Example
Typical Screen Door Grille Protector - available on Amazon (affiliate link)
Many are maintenance-free grille and are made of close weave aluminum mesh along with an extruded aluminum frame.

These are made for both sliding screen doors and swinging screen doors. They are usually made from heavy duty steel or aluminum for longer life. They attach to the door frame, allow air flow, and usually do not detract from the view.

Based on reviews, make sure you purchase one that is well constructed and durable to last a long time. Some issues have been that over time, the grill work bends and has to be replaced. Spending a little extra for added strength may be to your overall benefit.

Protect Your RV's Screen Door Too!

Camco 43991 Aluminum Screen Door Deluxe Grille for RVs
Screen Door Protect For RVs - available on Amazon (affiliate link)

Find a wide variety of Screen Door Guards on Amazon (affiliate link).

Screen Door Push Bars

screen door push bar
Typical Screen Door Push Bar (affiliate link)
Push bars like the one shown above, may fit doors up to 36 inches wide (larger ones may be available). Many can also be reduced in width to fit narrower doors. Usually made from aluminum to resist corrosion.

These may not be a suitable solution for small children as they may not be able to reach the bar.

They attach to the frame and come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some have a single bar while others may have three or four.

Find more Screen Door Push Bar options on Amazon (affiliate link).

Screen Door Shields

Door shields can be used on either solid or screen doors and are mostly designed to keep pets from scratching or tearing the material.

Door Shield with dog on floor
Pet door for a screen door - available on Amazon (affiliate link)



Screen Door Pet Doors

You can also install a pet door on your screen door to allow your pet unlimited access alleviating them from clawing at your door to go out. Most have mixed reviews; however, they may be worth checking out and be an option for many. dog walking through pet screen door
Protects screen or other type door from scratches - available on Amazon (affiliate link)

Screen Door Saver Magnets

Screen door magnets are an easy way to protect your screens from being pressed out of shape or dislodged from their frames. You can easily attach them to your screens for a visual reminder to use the door handle or frame, not the screen, to enter or exit the room.

Screen Door magnet sceen saver
Screen door with colorful magnets - available on Amazon (affiliate link)
You normally get matching magnets that secure together on either side of the screen with a twisting motion. You can also use them to inexpensively hide a tear in you screen.

They come in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns, one of which will surely meet your needs.

Screen Door magnet sceen savers
Sample of screen door magnets - available on Amazon (affiliate link)

Screen Door magnet sceen saver
Colorful screen door magnets - available on Amazon (affiliate link)

Screens for Pets

Pet owners, please do not despair. Are you looking for pet guards for screen doors? An option may be a custom pet resistant screen.

Replacement screening for pets (affiliate link) or or larger quantity like this (affiliate link) will keep your dog or cat from tearing the screen and is usually sold by the linear foot.

Something else to consider for pets is a plastic door guard. Almost invisible, they attach with tape and come large enough to accommodate any size door.

These are normally inexpensive and can be found online door guard or at your favorite pet supply store.

Screen door guards and pet guards for screen doors are usually a good investment. We've all seen those sad looking screen doors with the sagging screens, torn edges, and a downright well used look. Take the worry out of your screen door and consider getting a guard to suit your specific needs.



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