A Wicker Porch Swing

Always Refined, Reminiscent and Romantic

A wicker porch swing gives your porch harmony; it matters not what other decor you may have. That makes wicker swings extremely versatile while adding immense charm to your home.

Coupled with pillows and cushions, wicker swings quickly become your favorite furniture upon which to relax.



Porch swings are timeless. Our porch swing is where the grandchildren gravitate when they come to visit.

Just imagine one of these swings on your porch.

elegant wicker porch swing on front porch

When it comes to capturing the nostalgia and comfort of a more traditional age, there's nothing like the gentle sway of a wicker porch swing on a summer eve. Do you agree?

Did You Know? Wicker is a method of weaving - not an actual material. It's thought to come from a word in Scandinavian called "vika" which means to bend.

Take a Peek at These Wicker Swings

Dave and I like the selection of wicker porch swings from Hayneedle, but you can also find a generous selection on Amazon, our affiliate link. We were surprised to see how many styles they offer.

Porch swings are timeless. We have one on our porch and it's where the grandchildren gravitate when they come to visit. Just imagine one of these swings on your porch.

Lovely brown wicker swing (also comes in white) to dress up your front porch. Comes with hanging chains and comfort springs for additional support.

beautiful brown wicker porch swing on front porch
Charming brown wicker swing - Amazon.com (affiliate)
This International Caravan Chelsea wicker porch swing is weather and UV resistant resin for minimal maintenance and lasting beauty.



brown wicker porch swing
Sophisticated looking wicker swing available in four colors - Amazon.com (affiliate)
High back for maximum comfort, this white swing has a slight contemporary look but adds lots of charm to any porch.

soho white wicker porch swing with turquoise cushion
White swing with turquoise cushion - Amazon.com (affiliate)
This lovely 2-person Azalea Ridge porch swing will look great for years to come. It seats two perfectly; finish it off with colorful cushions and pillows for pizzazz!

two person wicker porch swing with blue cushion
Two person wicker porch swing - Amazon.com (affiliate)

Made with resin wicker, this patio swing will look great on your porch too! Antique black and built to last, it include a four foot hanging chain and is perfect for two.

valencia wicker porch swing on patio
Valencia resin wicker patio swing loveseat - Amazon.com (affiliate)
This dark roast colored porch swing is bold and daring - perfect for any porch. This resin wicker swing can withstand the elements and retain its original beauty.

dark roast colored porch swing on stone porch floor
Most charming dark roast porch swing - Amazon.com (affiliate)
Classy and striking, this white wicker porch swing and red pillow combination is sure to add instant charm to your porch.

white jeco porch swing with bright red cushions and pillows
White wicker swing with red pillows - Amazon.com (affiliate)
Comfy wicker porch chairs come in a variety of styles and colors and all are ideal for almost any size porch!

Resin Wicker Valencia Single Porch Swing Chair
Wicker porch swing chair - Amazon.com (affiliate)
Colorful and fun! This hanging porch chair is sure to add lots of color to your porch, patio, or deck. You can find them in a wide variety of colors.

colorful hanging rope Porch Swing Chair
Very colorful hanging rope wicker swing chair - Amazon.com (affiliate)

Didn't find the right size or color? The swings showed above usually come in different colors and sizes - we just didn't have room to show them all.

These are but a few examples of wicker swings you can find at Amazon (affiliate). Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to explore these.

Porch Swing Cushions and Pillows

Complete your porch, deck, or patio decor by adding comfortable swing cushions and pillows.

black wicker porch swing with colorful Halloween pillows
Decorate your wicker swing with colorful cushions or pillows

wicker porch swing with terra cotta cushions Adding outdoor colorful cushions and pillows to your wicker furniture is an easy way to decorate and increase comfort too.

You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to match your decor, decorate for holidays, or to create a one-of-a kind look on your porch.

Check out your options at Amazon or visit our porch swing cushions section for more information.

Types of Wicker Porch Swing Materials

There are basically three types of wicker swings. Each varies in quality and cost but all are uniquely beautiful.
  • Natural Wicker: Natural wicker swings are manufactured from several different vegetations like reed, palm vine, rattan, or certain grasses. Natural wicker is typically rough but can be painted to achieve a more smooth feel and is usually finished with stains, paints, and sealants. It can be left in its natural state without any additives.

    white wicker porch swing with red checked pillows and colorful porch swing cushion
    Jeanne, one of our readers, shared this picture of her wicker swing with us
    Her colorful swing pillows add aesthetic value

    Protect natural wicker from the elements. Wind, rain, humidity, and snow can take its toll so cover it during inclement weather as it can warp.

  • Rattan Wicker: Rattan vine is the most common plant fiber for making wicker furniture and can grow to 500 feet in length. Rattan is one of the most dense woods available because its grain grows vertically instead of in rings like other hardwoods.

    Rattan is steamed and bent into the various shapes by very specialized machines. Rattan retains its shape indefinitely once it is dried.

  • wicker porch swing from from Amazon.com
    Available at Amazon (affiliate)


  • Resin Or Synthetic Wicker: Synthetic wicker swings are made from resins (polyethylene) to look like rattan. Made into thin strips, it is woven to cover an aluminum swing frame. The color is integrated into the plastic so it resists fading.

    Because it is a synthetic, it is almost impervious to the weather. It usually comes in a variety of colors.

    Mary and I like resin wicker because it looks like real wicker but it will last longer, is easy to care for, and will not break or become brittle. In addition, its UV-inhibitors prevent fading.

image of how to hang a porch swing with porch swing hardware
See how to hang your porch swing and what hardware makes the job easier!

white wicker porch swing on front porch with lattice and climbing roses
A lovely wicker swing on this cottage porch
Photo courtesy of Diana Robinson Photography

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