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Front Porch Landscaping Ideas

To Accentuate Your Front Porch

Raise your home's curb appeal by a bunch by putting great porch landscaping ideas to work around your porch. Mary and I love beautifully landscaped front porches - they are fun to create and enjoy.

Have you ever driven past a home that has an amazing appeal? Usually it is a combination of several factors, one of the most important being the front porch and front yard landscaping.

Our home landscaping photos and free landscaping information is the perfect place to start to create your own fabulous yard!

Looking for a local landscaper?

Porch landscaping collage

Landscaping around your porch can range from very affordable to a small fortune. It need not be costly if you just start with a few of the right plantings and placements.

Featured Landscape Designs

Mary and I are excited to share several front yard and front porch landscape designs by Lisk Landscape Management. See before and after photos depicting how they've landscaped small front yards and front porches to create lots of curb appeal.

Porch landscaping collage
Check out their design ideas!

Use Our Directory of Porch Landscaping Ideas And Projects

Porch Landscaping Options

Front Porch Landscaping Ideas
Front Porch Landscaping Ideas
Tips and photos of landscaped porches for inspiration

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front porch steps, walkway, and garden landscaping
Front Yard Landscaping Tips
Ideas from others who have landscaped their porches, walkways and yards

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Landscaping Pictures - front porch skirting and perennials
Home Landscaping Photos
Landscaping photos highlight beautiful yards and lovely porches

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Beautiful Walkway Ideas
Stone Walkway Leading to Front Porch
Interesting and intriguing pathways can be very charming; see our own walkway project!

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front yard professionally landscaped
10 Easy Landscaping Ideas
Gotta see these 10 easy landscaping ideas that will add appeal to your front yard and porch...

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Front Yard Landscaping with perennials around porch steps
Creative Front Yard Landscaping
Create an "entry experience". You know it as your front yard and front porch.

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Hanging Baskets galore on front porch
Overflowing Hanging Baskets
Baskets provide exceptional color on your porch and create amazing curb appeal.

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front porch with shrubbery for privacy
Privacy Porch Ideas
Use landscaping to create a little privacy on your porch

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nice photo of landscaping with rocks in front of porch
Ideas For Landscaping With Rocks
Landscaping with rocks is a fantastic way to add texture and beauty to your porch landscaping.
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zone 5 perennials surrounding front porch
Perennials For Zone 5
Zone 5 perennials provide generous charm around this Midwest country porch!
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after photo of landscape design installation
Front Yard Landscape Designs
Transform your yard with the right landscape design

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new front porch landscaping showing foliage
Front Lawn Landscaping Ideas
See our new front porch landscaping project along with our plant guide...

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Porch Landscaping Projects And Ideas For Your Porch

new front porch landscaping showing foliage
Garden Hose Storage Box Idea
See how we resolved two common problems with garden hoses...

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a diy walkway with pea gravel
Use Our DIY Walkway Idea
We installed a pea gravel walkway in front of our porch; you can too....

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a diy garden bench
Make This DIY Garden Bench
I show you how to make a DIY Garden Bench For Your Yard Or Porch

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outdoor light to show how to Install Landscape Lighting
How to Install Landscape Lighting
Landscape lighting can be both functional and decorative.
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Raised Bed Gardening with screened bottom on structure
Raised Gardening Beds
Raised bed gardening right on your porch might just be your answer to fresh produce and flowers

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green lattice self watering planter
Self Watering Planter
When it's really hot or you go away for a few days, solve your watering problems!
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girl with pail and container gardening on the porch
Container Gardening Ideas
If you have a porch you need to try container gardening as part of your landscaping.

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Listen To Our Porch Landscaping Ideas Audio Program

Listen to our interviews with front porch and front yard landscaping experts who share their tips and ideas to enhance the look of your porch and home.

photo of J. Paul Moore, Landscape Photographer J. Paul Moore's passion for both plants and photography makes for an interesting interview. You'll discover ideas for planning your porch's landscaping, deciding what plants to use, and lots more.

volunteer gardener host troy marden Don't miss our interview with Troy Marden, host of a local PBS's The Volunteer Gardner. Troy travels the world searching for exquisite gardens and he shares his modern landscape ideas for combining edible plants around your front porch and yard.

Landscaping for Appeal

A beautifully designed front porch along with the right landscaping can create not only added value but immense appeal as well.

A porch without landscaping is like a banana split without the whipped cream. Landscaping is not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhances the look of your front porch. When planning your front porch landscaping, consider such factors as line of sight from your porch and traffic patterns in addition to color and textures.

The porch landscaping idea shown below is an excellent example of an established landscaping plan that has matured over time. Note how it makes the porch a more welcoming place.

front porch with established front yard landscaping

Often times it is difficult to imagine what your landscaping plan will look like once it has matured. 3-D renderings can help. See our Before and After renderings below:


before photo of home without porch landscaping


after photo of home with porch landscaping ideas

Be sure to see our Front Porch Designs Illustrator. We show both a one-story and two-story homes with over 30 different porch designs plus walkway and landscaping ideas.

Porch Landscaping Architecture Basics

Porch landscaping ideas on a country porch
Photo is courtey of gs archeologist
See how the rose plant "frames" the porch and softens the lines of the foundation?

Is your home and porch formal or informal, traditional or contemporary, southwestern or a Cape Cod, tall and boxy, or short and angular?

Porch landscaping ideas on a country porch

Our porch landscaping ideas will help you enhance or downplay your home's architecture.

For example, if you have a formal brick, symmetrical colonial home, landscaping suggestions include manicured shrubs, a central path or walkway of brick, and period railings on your porch.

If you have a Cape Cod style home consider window boxes and/or planters attached to your porch railing and stone paths leading to the porch.

For more details on matching your home's architecture with your landscaping, see our Guide to Front Porches.

If your house is symmetrical

  • plantings should match on either side of doors
  • continue matching as you move away from center or add a little variation the farther you go - make sure they are balanced
  • ensure plantings are geometrically arranged and trimmed

Symmetrical plantings arond front porch

If your house is asymmetrical
  • balance is important but now balance plants with specific architectural features instead of with each other
  • create natural looking mixed plantings
  • ensure plantings are geometrically arranged and trimmed

If your house is

  • horizontally designed: use a low sheared hedge along the base.
  • tall and narrow: use columnar trees to accent its height
  • boxy: use large round trees
  • large: use deep foundation beds, a large tree to anchor a corner with a mix of evergreens and deciduous shrubs underneath

Porch Landscaping Ideas to Highlight Your Porch and Front Door

  • Place taller plants on either side of the stairs or landing
  • If your doorway is symmetrical (light panels or matching lights on each side) match the plantings on each side
  • If your doorway is asymmetrical you have the option of either treating it formally (matching) or informally. Have plants one either side but vary them in color and type.
  • To attract attention to your porch use matching round or conical shrubs on either side.
  • To downplay the porch, use softer and taller plants such as a dogwood or vine maple to create a canopy effect
  • Not all porches need skirting along the entire run. If it is aesthetically pleasing you may opt to have some of it show. If not, use low shrubs to conceal it. Don't limit yourself to just the area immediately in front of your porch. Extending the plantings away from the porch can create a softer look. Also consider the shape. Rounding the beds will make it not only interesting but will also give it a professional look.
  • Flowering vines can be extend across your porch but understand they may be shaded by the eaves of your roof.
  • Pots are great. Choose ferns, impatiens, and other shade-loving plants. Hanging planters work well; include small vines and trailing plants. Choose large baskets to retain more moisture.
  • If your porch extends to a corner of your house, use peninsula beds that extend into the yard and create a sense of cohesiveness with the side yard.

Small Porch Landscaping Ideas

Although larger porches are making a comeback, most newer homes only have a small-sized porch or portico. Most are pretty bland and without great architectural features. Notoriously small city porches like the charming one depicted below (Boston brownstone apartments) have little space for landscaping.

Perhaps the only option is to create a space! There are many porch landscaping ideas that you can add to enhance the look of your small porch wherever it's located.

Inter-city porch with creative landscaping

For instance, you add an enclosed terrace beside your porch and have a great place for dining, a place to enjoy a glass of wine, or a secluded spot to read your favorite book!

Extend your small porch with an arbor and plant clematis to cover it. Not only will it be an inviting entrance to your home but fragrant as well.

Or, soften hard surfaces with potted plants of boxwood topiary and clematis. These porch landscaping ideas are really worth the extra effort.

A small porch has the advantage of cost savings; you'll be able to purchase more quality materials. Upgrade your door hardware, add antique light fixtures, and consider resurfacing the landing. Use stone, tile, or brick pavers. Small landings and stoops are great for patterned floors.

Install vine covered trellises, planters over your railings, hanging baskets, or clusters of evergreens.

More Porch Landscaping Ideas!

Beautiful Gardens in Front Yard

Pretty yellow home with flower garden in front of porch

Gardens are beautiful at this lovely Wisconsin home - not only in the front, but also the sides and backyard.

We had the pleasure of meeting the homeowner and she expressed how much joy her gardens bring her and to people passing by. She even has delight fairy gardens in the back yard that her grandchildren enjoy.

Make a Memorable Stepping Stone

The finished stepping stone is in our friend's garden.
We made this stepping stone for our dear friend, Liz.

In addition to the pretty pieces of stained glass, this stepping stone also includes some mementos that are meaningful to her.

Learn how to make a special stepping using our tutorial.

Make Some Cool Garden Art

We made some cool garden art from pony beads. It was nearly a fail!
Cool garden art with a story!

You will want to read our story about the stained glass panel that we wanted for above our porch swing. It turned into some cool garden art that at first we thought was a fail!

Landscaping for Winter Interest

kale in winter looks beautiful around your porch

We planted decorative kale around our porch. It is more beautiful (even in almost zero degree weather) than we would have guessed. What plants do you like to see in the colder months?

  • Tie your home and porch visually to the surrounding landscape- give it personality.
  • Victorian porch landscaping

  • Make your porch welcoming with porch landscaping that draws attention with color, shape and textures
  • Block wind or noise from your porch with porch blinds or shades - you will be happy you did
  • Accentuate the positive and hide unsightly features like an old dilapidated building or your neighbor's rusting car.
  • Don't forget to light your landscaping. See our how to install landscape lighting section.
  • Check out our amazing walkway ideas. Keep walkways clear and control the water runoff.
  • Victorian porch landscaping

  • When planting, keep in mind what the landscape will look like when it's fully grown - and how much care it will take.
  • If you love working in the yard, then fussy plants might be a good pick for you. Otherwise, pick plants, grasses and elements that are sturdy and low-maintenance. Photo at right courtesy of eklektick
  • Take advantage of Mother Nature to save you money like collecting water in rain barrels

Water garden beside porch Want a very innovative porch?

Landscaping ideas can include a beautiful water garden beside the porch!
Photo is courtesy of shlake.

Porch at Prospect Hill B&B

Another great source for porch landscaping ideas are Bed and Breakfast Inn porches.

Bed and Breakfast Inn owners go to great lengths to ensure their landscaping complements the porch.

For example, take note of the landscaping and beautiful plants at the Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast, SC.

hanging basket on porch

Porch landscaping ideas should include hanging baskets. See our Hanging Basket section in the directory above to create exquisite hanging baskets and learn about other options like creating hanging gardens or placing them on plant stands instead.

Tricia submitted the picture below to us and she shared her story about her new porch and beautiful landscaping.

Porch landscaping to accommodate slope

Ideas from your own neighborhood are free and you might make some new friends that way, too. Consider taking a stroll around a yard and garden store or botanical gardens to get specific ideas for landscaping your porch. Purchasing plants at the end of seasons can save you a considerable amount.

Porch with flower garden

In the picture above by contributing photographer Cynthia Davis, flower garden landscaping leads you to the porch steps. This landscaping makes the porch that more inviting.

Beautifully landscaped front porch and yard

Beautiful landscaping makes a remarkable difference

And more

Ever Thought of Using Bamboo?

Bamboo Inspiration provides guides on bamboo plants and gardening.

Porch landscaping ideas for you

Please send us your landscaping ideas and pictures of your landscaped yard and porch; we'd love to share them with others.

Don't forget to check out our entire porch and yard landscaping section!

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