The Perfect Christmas Door Decoration

For Your Front Porch

The perfect Christmas door decoration can be an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for the holidays.



Mary and I have found inspiring decorations along with some Christmas decorating tips to make your decorating a joy.

Enjoy these front porch Christmas decorating ideas courtesy of a few of our favorite blogs. We really appreciate their generosity in sharing their porches with us.

You'll see several innovative Christmas wreath ideas along with other ways to decorate your front door and porch for the holidays.

Gold and Antique White

Garland Christmas door decoration
photo courtesy of Her Ballistic Garden

Her Ballistic Garden

Wendy of Her Ballistic Garden, dressed her porch in gold and antique white along with burlap and bling!

burlap Christmas garland
photo courtesy of Her Ballistic Garden
Wendy made a burlap and ribbon valance to hang above her front door. Wendy refers to it as "swaggy bling" down the sides of the door moldings.

Take a close look and see the possibilities of using either purchased vines spray painted gold or silver. Or, you could use grape vines or intertwine branches and paint them to achieve a similar look.

Holiday door decoration Look closely at the photo at right and you'll see Wendy's imaginative wreath idea. It is one of our favorite winter decorating ideas.

She found a small sled at a flea market and painted the runners gold, the wood white, and trimmed it out with pine cones, burlap and gold wire ribbon, pearls, and a flower.

After padding the runners so it wouldn't damage her glass door, she hung the sled with braided hemp string.

At the Picket Fence

From gold and white to green.

Evergreen Christmas garland door decoration
photo courtesy of At the Picket Fence
Vanessa with At the Picket Fence, trimmed her front porch in evergreens as her Christmas door decoration. You can almost smell the fragrant aroma of the evergreen garland and front door wreath.



Holiday wreath with pine cones and berries
photo courtesy of At the Picket Fence
Many of us have similar wreaths but Vanessa's easy and inexpensive Christmas decorating tip is to dress yours up by stenciling a holiday message on jute webbing.

Planters decorated with holiday letters
photo courtesy of At The Picket Fence
Although not directly part of the door decoration, we really liked Vanessa's evergreens that lead you to the front door.

She bought the greenery at Lowes and used pots she already had. She painted the wooden letters in red and attached them to the pots with twine. The red is a striking contrast to the evergreens and adds just the right appeal to her front porch.

It's Overflowing!

This is one of my favorites; it is simple, colorful, and unique. It can be made with items you probably already have at home and it is very decorative for any front door.

Holiday frame with Christmas ornaments on Front Door
photo courtesy of It's Overflowing
Aimee, with It's Overflowing, painted a large picture frame red, added non-breakable ornaments she found at Target's, and ribbon to make this Christmas door decoration.

Christmas ornaments
photo courtesy of It's Overflowing
You could easily paint the frame a different seasonal color like gold, silver, or green and add either multi-colored ornaments or solids for a different look. Aimee's idea gives you plenty of options.

Christmas framed door decoration
photo courtesy of It's Overflowing
You can attach the ornaments with ribbon using the hangar on the back of the frame as Aimee did or if additional spacing is needed you could add a few more hangars. You can also use the ribbon to hang the frame wreath on the door.

Aimee's idea is inspirational - you could attach frames of different sizes together and paint them in holiday colors. All you would need are wood glue and clamps.

You Are Talking Too Much

We couldn't resist showing you Rebecca's of You Are Talking Too Much Christmas door decoration idea.

Although it is more like a total "front porch renovation and decorate the front door" project - this is an amazing transformation you have to see.

Rebecca Starts with This

Front Porch before Christmas decorations
photo courtesy of You Are Talking Too Much

And Created This Christmas Door Decoration

Front porch with Christmas decorations
photo courtesy of You Are Talking Too Much
I won't even begin to summarize her ordeal to go from ordinary to extraordinary (read more about it on her blog - You Are Talking Too Much). Suffice to say Rebecca had the tenacity to keep at it till it was just right.

Rebecca took a piece of vinyl from the porch to Lowe's in order to match the color of the gutters. She applied a coat of stain to the front door to subdue the red color.

Her front door, wreaths, and garland are magically highlighted by the colors of the columns and light panels she chose. The urns are adorned with poinsettias and the front door wreaths give this porch a wonderful holiday feel.

Her efforts were rewarded with a striking front porch for the holidays and a porch she will enjoy for years to come.

Our Snowman Door Decoration

close-up of our DIY snowman door decoration
Instead of a wreath, we made this cute snowman
He is made from a fence slat and he gets lots of compliments from visitors. Want to see the rest of our snowman winter porch?


Priscilla of Priscillas created this beautiful front door deco mesh wreath and garland using both red and white plaid and plain deco mesh, green polka dot ribbon, and red picks that sparkle.

Christmas decorations using decomesh wreath
photo courtesy of Priscillas
Deco mesh is very popular and can be used indoors or out to wrap packages, flowers, or create door decorations as Priscilla has. Because it comes in a variety of colors use your imagination to create your own Christmas door decoration.


decomesh wreath Christmas wreath
photo courtesy of Priscillas
Add lights and the decorations appear to glow!

decomesh wreath decorations with Christmas lighting
photo courtesy of Priscillas

Mary and I encourage you to visit the blogs we featured above to learn more about their Christmas door decoration ideas.



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