Garden Hose Storage Box Projects

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Our garden hose storage box projects solve two everyday problems. The garden hose holders are perfect for storing your garden hose out of sight; however, they are notorious for moving as you extract the hose.

In addition, positioning your garden hose for watering often damages your plants in the process. Both problems are very annoying.



Two garden hose problems easily solved.
We share with you solutions to two garden hose problems

Garden Hose Storage Project

More often than not, I would end up pulling the garden hose around the yard and the container came along with it. I tried several methods to keep the garden hose storage box in its place.

Here's how we finally solved that problem with a really simple fix.

garden hose storage box holder
Garden hose storage container holder

Garden Hose Storage Box Materials List

  • Concrete mix - 1-2 bags depending on how stable you want the box.
  • 2x4s - length dependent on size of storage container (see below)
  • Plywood - amount dependent on size of storage container (see below)
  • Deck screws for fastening form together
  • Bolts, nuts, washers - 4 each, approximately 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/2 inches depending on the depth of your concrete
  • Saw to cut plywood or 2x4s

Garden Hose Storage Box Assembly Instructions

Build the Form

Cut the 2x4s (or cut plywood to the appropriate height) and the plywood to form a box that is of sufficient size on which to place your garden hose storage box.

We constructed two forms (one was 4 x 22 x 22 inches and the other was 2 1/2 x 16 x18 inches). One needed to be heavier to hold more hose which had to be pulled a longer distance.

It took two bags of concrete (approximately 80 lbs). The smaller form took a bag. It is better to go a little heavier on the concrete as it is difficult to correct after the fact.

4 inch garden hose storage box holder
4 inch thick storage box holder
Use your garden hose storage container as your guide for constructing the forms. Your forms should be slightly larger than the container.

I used scrap bead board for the bottom of the form but plywood works also.

Most hose storage containers have drainage holes in the bottom. Ensure there are four holes near the corners on the bottom of the container into which you can insert bolts. If not, drill holes to accommodate the bolts you have chosen.

Pour the Concrete

Mix and pour the concrete into the forms.

Insert Bolts

As the concrete begins to set, gently sit the container on top and insert the bolt heads into the concrete and through the holes in the container. Leave a sufficient amount of threads exposed for the washers and nuts.

Carefully remove the container and allow the concrete with bolts inserted to fully set.

Once the concrete has cured, place your storage container on top and through the bolts. Attach the washers and bolts and tighten accordingly.

Attach Your Hose

Remove the forms and attach your hose.

Next Project: Guides for the Garden Hose

Video: Garden Hose Guide

We solved our problem of the hose wrapping around our plants

How We Made the Garden Hose Guides in Our Yard

Mary and I got tired of positioning our garden hose for watering the yard or plants around our porch and consequently damaging plants or spreading gravel from our walkway into the yard. The hose went places where we did not want it to go.

There had to be a better way. We've tried various methods but more times than not they just didn't work.

So we came up with a better way using some basic materials that you may already have on hand or can acquire inexpensively enough at your local home store.

Materials List for One Guide

  • 3/4 inch pipe approximately 12 inches long
  • Rebar (pipe with diameter small enough to fit into pipe above) approximately 18+ inches. Rebar is solid and is used to reinforce concrete and comes in different lengths.
  • Small bolt (1 1/2 long) and washer to fit into bottom of pipe
  • Long bolt (3 inches) and washer to fit into top of pipe
  • Optional

  • Red or orange paint (or a color of your choice
  • Tennis ball
  • Tools

  • Shovel
  • Pick (we need a pick to plant a petunia where we live)
  • Bag of concrete
  • Wheelbarrow or something into which to mix the concrete
  • Grass seed or sod

Let's Get Started

Location and Quantity

This isn't usually an issue as you know the location of your garden hose and the places you in which it needs to be positioned. In our case, we wanted to avoid plants of course and also a gravel walkway. Often you will position it at corners.

Determine how many guides you need. We needed two for our yard.


To be on the safe side, call your utility company(s) and have them mark where underground lines exist so that you don't accidentally hit any with your shovel.

We dug holes to accommodate a sufficient amount of concrete. In our case, I had to dig a little deeper as our yard is rock. I wanted to make sure I could drive the pipe deep enough into the hole.

hole in yard
Dig hole for concrete and pipe
The goal is to position the pipe at ground level to avoid mowers and to be out of sight. To prevent dirt from clogging the bottom of the pipe as you drive it into the ground, I inserted the small bolt with washer into the bottom of the pipe and carefully placed it on the bottom of the hole.

Pour Concrete

Mix and pour concrete allowing for at least 3-4 inches of dirt to be placed on top for grass. (Do not pour concrete to the very top).

Make sure the pipe is straight and allow the concrete to dry.

concrete in hole in yard
Do not fill to the top

Cover with Dirt

Once the concrete is dry fill the hole with dirt and grass seed as applicable or cover with sod. Water as necessary.

Install Cover

To prevent dirt or debris from entering the pipe, I inserted the long bolt and washer into the top of the pipe. I painted it red so I could easily see it.

red bolt inserted into pipe
Bolt and washer inserted into pipe

Install the Rebar

To use your garden hose guard, just remove the bolt and insert the rebar.

rebar inserted into pipe
Rebar inserted into pipe
We can now pull the hose across the gravel walkway and around the yard without damaging any plants.

garden hose guides in yard
Garden hose guides in yard

CAUTION: It is easy to forget you have rebar sticking out of your yard and trip over it. We painted ours red to help remind us. You may want to place a tennis ball over the top of the rebar so it's super visible!

We hope our garden hose storage box and garden hose guides are projects that help solve your hose issues too.


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