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Ideas for Front Porch Designs and More

Do you love porches as much as the two of us do? Are you looking for some awesome front porch designs and front porch ideas?

Whether you are dreaming of a country style porch, a sophisticated contemporary style or you only have a small space for a charming portico, we welcome you here to design, plan, and decorate your porch.

4th of July Decorating Time

Enter Our 4th of July Porch PhotoFest

beautiful patriotic porch with colorful hanging baskets
Beautiful porch decorated for the 4th of July

Celebrate the 4th with us! Send us a photo of your porch decorated for the 4th of July and we'll enter you in a random drawing for The Ultimate Flag Bracket Kit from FlagBracketPA.

Get the scoop for submitting your photo to us!

This specially designed bracket easily fits around square or rectangular columns, posts, or balusters and lets you display Old Glory or other flags quickly and securely! No drilling or damaging your posts or columns.

Do you want to change your flag's location? No problem. This flag bracket can be removed and refastened easily.

flag bracket by FlagBracketPA
Example of the Ultimate Flag Bracket from FlagBracketPA

How About Quick Pillow Toppers with Bandanas?

collage of pictures for making bandana pillows

We used $1 bandanas from the dollar store to make red, white and blue pillow toppers No sewing. No need for new pillows. See how easy these patriotic pillows are to make.

Yes, Wall Art on Your Porch

Outdoor artwork on front porch in Maryville TN
Very pleasing outdoor wall art

Don't forget the fun you can have decorating your porch walls with art like you see on this porch. It's a wonderful focal point!

See more wall art ideas that Dave and I have gathered for you!

Ever Been to a Porchfest?

best ever porch fest at Westhaven in Franklin TN
Dave and I enjoyed the festivities at the 4th annual Westhaven porchfest in Franklin TN

If you have a porchfest in your neighborhood, Dave and I think you will enjoy going. Check out the 2015 porchfest schedule here. If you know of a porchfest not listed, let us know please.

What Are Those Stars You See on Porches?

Colorful metallic star on Maya and David's porch adds a large dose of personality!
Courtesy of our friends, Maya and David

Stars on homes and barns have long been a tradition. But is there a special meaning behind these stars?

From Front Porch Design to Build Process

build a porch and use our helpful guides and tips

Building a porch is a process and we have helpful guides for just about everything - from the roof to the railings and columns down to the floor and foundation.

We have a myriad of building information to make your porch project easier. From foundations to roofing, you'll discover building guides, how-to's, and tips for building your dream porch, no matter your front porch design.

Add Dazzle to Your Porch with Landscaping

Porch landscaping collage

Amazing what landscaping around your porch can do for your home's curb appeal.

Maximize Your Home's Curb Appeal

Cover of ebook Maximize Your Homes Curb Appeal Maximize Your Home's Curb Appeal, our free eBook for you.

This time of year is when we dust our porches off and get our home ready for summer days ahead. Your porch and front yard are what everyone sees when they drive by or come to visit. No matter your front porch design or size, jazz it up a bit this season!

We have gathered up some wonderful curb appeal pictures and tips to help you spruce up your home and make it look fabulous! See our eBook now and please share.

You Only Have 8 Seconds

Cover of ebook Staging Your Porch To Sell Your Home If you are selling your home, get a variation of our eBook that is loaded with helpful information for impressing prospective buyers. Get ideas for staging your porch!

Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul, says, "Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they're interested in buying it."
( 5 Smart Ways to Sell Your Home)

Listen to Our Audio Programs

Porch Ideas Network podcast Our audio program is new!

We bring experts to you each week who share their love of porches and their expertise in such areas as building, designing, planning and decorating porches. Each show lasts approximately 20 - 30 minutes.

You'll Truly Enjoy Paul's Stories

Porch Ideas Network Podcast Our guest, Paul Moore, is a self-proclaimed plant nerd and an awesome nature photographer who is inspiring and fun!

Listen here:

Edible and Ornamental Landscaping - wow!

Porch Ideas Network podcast Our guest, Troy Marden, a host on PBS Volunteer Gardener, talks to us about edible and ornamental gardening around your porch.

Listen here:

Think Summertime on Your Porch

vintage furniture on porch
Summer and lovely pastel colors just seem to go together.
Many thanks to Marlene for sharing her porch with us

Marlene says that those green metal chairs are from her childhood. She tells us why they mean so much to her. Find summer porch decorating ideas right here.

Screen Porch Window Options

Enclose your porch with these windows and get screens and weather protection all in one! Easy to install, they fit almost any size opening.

Screened porch windows from

Extend your outdoor time in comfort -
get details!

Instant Curb Appeal

Nothing increases your home's curb appeal as instantly as does painting your front door. Now's there a paint that's specifically made for your front door and it comes in a variety of wonderful colors too! freshly painted front door with Modern Masters Front Door Paint

We like Modern Masters
Front Door Paint

Porch Appeal

Enhance the look of your porch with amazing details that will add a big dose of curb appeal. Beautiful trim can be used on your porch and home. exterior house trim on home

We found everything you need, from porch columns to amazing exterior house trim. Have fun
Explore the possibilities!

Capture the Breeze

If it's time for a new or replacement screen door we may have found what you are seeking. From single to doubles and custom made. Check these out. custom designed front aluminum screen door collage You can even design your own! Make a statement with a beautiful
Exterior Aluminum Screen Door.

Porch Comfort

Porches were meant for comfort and we can't think of anything more comfortable than a porch swing bed. Not all swing beds are the same; find out what style would be perfect on your porch.

comfortable porch swing bed by The Porch Company

House Plans with Porches

Yes, we have gathered a bunch for you. Check out these attractive home plans - all with porches. Whether you are looking for a home or just want to see some awesome front porch designs, check this out... See more
cottage house plan with porch

Looking for Mobile Home Porch Ideas?

We've gathered some ideas and pictures for you. Different types of roof designs, FAQ's. For manufactured, modular, pre-fab ... See more
mobile home porch with shed roof

Have You Tried Our Porch Illustrator

Porch Illustrator lets you see the difference a porch makes

If you have a ranch home, our Porch Illustrator will give you some idea how a porch would look on it. Try it!

We also have a Porch Illustrator for a two-story-home, too. Both very helpful with planning your front porch designs.

Our Picks

Our Front Porch Ideas Generator

Our 140 page ebook includes many before and after pics. Case studies from real homeowners of how their house might look with a wonderful front porch
See more
Our Front Porch Ideas Generator ebook

Small Porch Plans in an eBook

Do you have room for a small porch on your home? Then check out these good looking porches. You get six front porch designs (plans) in a 37 page PDF.
See more
porch plan book cover

Our Idea Book to Help You Nail Down Your Porch Design

We get lots of questions about how a porch would look on a ranch or two-story home. Take a look at our Porch Illustrator e-Book to see how a plain home is transformed with the addition of a porch. See more

Porch Illustrator Vol 1 & Vol 2

Our Site is a Labor of Love

As Dave and I have looked at homes over the years and strolled through neighborhoods, we have always been drawn to charming front porches. We've lived in homes with big porches, small porches and no porch (sad!).

We once purchased a home just because it had a screened porch. And that was a terrific decision.

Dave and I use our passion to bring you the best porch decorating and design ideas for your front porch.

We hope that our front porch designs, decorating and entertaining ideas will help you whether you have a front porch, side porch, or a great back porch!

You will find many front porch designs and porch pictures throughout our site.

Our front porch pictures will help you visualize and plan your projects.
Thinking of building or renovating a porch? From stone columns to renovating to building a new porch from scratch we have photo gallery pictorials to show you how it is done.

Share your porch pictures with us!


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Our site is a labor of love. We appreciate your comments very much.

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Shop for Porch Parts at Vintage Woodworks.
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The Porch Store
Porch Store
Custom Porch Products

Learn more about screen porch windows from the Rekal Company
Don’t Just Screen It,
EzePorch It!

Aluminum screen doors from PCA Products
PCA Products
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