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Ideas for Front Porch Designs and More

Are you looking for some awesome front porch designs and front porch ideas? Do you love porches as much as the two of us do?

Whether you dream of a country style porch, a sophisticated contemporary style or you only have a small space for a charming portico, we welcome you here to design, plan, and decorate your porch.

Beautiful Summertime Porch

Summer on this porch is extra wonderful
Photo courtesy of pandorea

Who wouldn't love a front porch design like this? A porch that is so full of personality and warmth: basketware and enamelware on the walls and look at that old-fashioned metal porch swing.

We like the beautiful flowers in the galvanized bucket, too. We could go on and on about this pretty place. Get more ideas for summer decorating.

Now's a Great Time for DIY Project Projects

DIY porch projects collection from Front Porch Ideas and More.

Mary and I gathered our DIY Porch Projects in one place.

You'll find over 50 neat projects that we've done for our porch and home - with tutorials, illustrations, videos, lots of pictures and inspiration!

Go Interactive with Our Home Plans Section

A huge advantage of online home plans
is the cost savings and now you can work directly with the designer online.

Get 10% discount when you purchase a home plan through our interactive module Check out these interactive home plans available right on our site.

With this new module, you can make the changes to a home plan and submit them directly to the designer for most plans!. You'll enjoy modifying a home plan to make it just the way you want.

Move walls, add closet space, expand your porch, or create a game room - all you have to do is draw your ideas on the plan with your mouse. And you can write notes to explain in more detail what you want. Then send you changes to the designer - it's that easy.

You will find quite a few front porch designs from small porches to large wrap-around porches!

Use the promotion code frontporchideas to get 10% off your order. That's a nice savings for sure.

Go Crazy with Porch Railings

In addition to traditional porch railings but you have many other interesting options. Add immediate curb appeal by integrating creative railing designs on your front porch.

Even though you must adhere to local building codes, you still have plenty of latitude in which to create interesting baluster patterns.

See our porch railing section for lots of creative design solutions you can use on your porch.

Replace a Porch Column

Replacing a porch column is actually easier than you might think and you can even change your porch column style if you wish. We show you how along with a myriad of porch column ideas.

Wooden porch columns often decay at the base creating not only a safety issue but also unsightly rot on your porch. It may seem like an expensive repair but if you have basic construction skills, you should be able to replace your own porch column.

We walk you through the process so you can see how it's done.

And here's a video you will enjoy from our Porchology 101 series about replacing a porch column.

Watch Our Video

Enjoy our short video tip about replacing a porch column

Enjoy our short video tip about replacing a porch column

Wanted: 2017 Porch Calendar Pictures

beautiful wrap around front porch in Fredericksburg Tx

Mary and I are creating a 2017 Porch Calendar and invite you to submit photos of your porch for possible inclusion.

If you have a porch that is perfect for a calendar, please send us an original photo.

Photos must be of your porch or if you know of someone whose porch would be perfect for a calendar, have them send us a photo.

Send photo to: info(at)

Screen Porch Plan Options

Build a screen porch or three-season porch this year using easy-to-follow porch plan.

It's easier than you might think. Do it yourself or hire a contractor to construct an outdoor room your family will enjoy for years to come.

Screen porch plan from Family Home Plans Screen porch plan from Family Home Plans
Spacious screened porches you can build from a plan

Many of our readers have purchased these screened porch plans - and there are other plans, too. Make this the year you do it.

Imagine the joyful times you and your family will have on your screened porch - playing cards, sharing meals, listening to music, visiting with friends. Dave and I made lots of memories with our sons on the screened porches we had while our family was growing up. The boys often had friends over who hung out on the porch.

Do You Already Have a Screen Porch?

screen porch windows on furnished screen porch by diy ezebreeze
Easily Installed Screen Porch Windows

It's easy to convert your new or existing screen porch into a three-season room by using this innovative porch windows. With these windows, you can enjoy your porch almost year round!

Download This Free Shed Plan

Free shed plan This simple plan is great for additional storage, a potting shed, a small home office or even a playhouse for your children.

1. If you don't "see" the plan when it comes up on your computer, no worries. Once you download it, you will see it just fine. Seems there are issues depending upon which browser you use, so not to worry.

2. Since these are construction blue prints, if you plan to actually build this shed, you will probably want to print the plans. 24x36" is the preferred size of paper. You can email the document to a local print shop or office store.

You may not need to print all the pages.

3. This plan is courtesy of Family Home Plans and the two of us.

Download this free shed plan today! Be sure to read our notes above.

Use Our Free Tutorial to Help Square Your
Porch or Deck Foundation

Ebook cover -  14 page pdf showing how to square a porch or deck foundation We created a 14-page guide to help you get your deck or front porch design foundation square.

One of the most important factors to building a quality foundation is to be sure it is square to your home.

Download our step-by-step tutorial with helpful pictures, diagrams and a conversion chart for fractions to inches.

Beautify Your Manufactured / Mobile Home Exterior

Adding a porch to your home is just one of the 9 mobile home improvement ideas that we put together for you. Simple ideas like adding a porch, installing shutters, adding nice landscaping and more.

How About Jazzing Your Porch with a New Aluminum Screen Door

Custom designed aluminum screen door from PCA Products
Who wouldn't love calling this home?

Beyond the home department stores is a wonderful selection of aluminum screen doors to spruce up your home this spring We are proud to feature PCA's aluminum doors - handcrafted and focused on quality. Show pride in your home with a new screen door.

Dress Up Your Porch with Handcrafted Parts

Lovely home and porch using hand crafted parts from Vintage Woodworks

A front porch design can go from nice to elegant with the addition of handcrafted porch parts from Vintage Woodworks.

Dazzle Your Front Porch Design with Lovely Railings

Just imagine not needing to paint your porch railings.  These lovely PVC railings are virtually maintenance-free.  And beautiful, too! You can get them at The Porch Company.
Photos courtesy of The Porch Company

Oh, to not ever have to paint porch railings again. What a nice thought. With PVC railings like these, your porch is uniquely beautiful.

The railings you see above are available from The Porch Company.

House Plans Online

Adorable house with a sweet front porch from Family Home Plans #86345 and shown on Front Porch Ideas and More
What a charming home and porch!
Family Home Plans #86345

If you are looking to build a home, we have a section on various plans online that you can browse. Did you know that 1800 - 2200 square foot homes are very popular? Check out the front porch designs we found among different style homes.

Maximize Your Home's Curb Appeal

Cover of ebook Maximize Your Homes Curb Appeal Maximize Your Home's Curb Appeal, our free eBook for you.

This time of year is when we dust our porches off and get our home ready for warmer days ahead. Your porch and front yard are what everyone sees when they drive by or come to visit. No matter your front porch design or size, jazz it up a bit this season!

We have gathered up some wonderful curb appeal pictures and tips to help you spruce up your home and make it look fabulous! See our eBook now and please share.

You Only Have 8 Seconds

Cover of ebook Staging Your Porch To Sell Your Home If you are selling your home, get a variation of our eBook that is loaded with helpful information for impressing prospective buyers. Get ideas for staging your porch!

Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul, says, "Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they're interested in buying it."
( 5 Smart Ways to Sell Your Home)

Screen Porch Window Options

Enclose your porch with these windows and get screens and weather protection all in one! Easy to install, they fit almost any size opening.

Screened porch windows from DIY Eze Breeze

Extend your outdoor time in more comfort -
get details!

On the Road

Dave and I travel across the U.S.A. taking pictures of porches to share with you. We love seeing how front porch designs vary across the country. On the road van

We know your will enjoy the porches we've seen across the country.

All kinds: large and small, new and old, fancy, vintage, Victorian, contemporary, cottage-style and more.

Porch Appeal with Trim

Adding exterior house trim can turn an ordinary porch into a most charming front porch. There are seemingly endless options from which to choose - add a little or alot!

Beautiful trim makes a difference on a home

Running trim, spandrels, gables, brackets - it all makes
a beautiful difference on your home!

Capture the Breeze

If it's time for a new or replacement screen door we may have found what you are seeking. From single to doubles and custom made. Check these out. custom designed front aluminum screen door collage You can even design your own! Make a statement with a beautiful
Exterior Aluminum Screen Door.

House Plans with Porches

Yes, we have gathered a bunch for you. Check out these attractive home plans - all with porches. Whether you are looking for a home or just want to see some awesome front porch designs, check this out... See more
cottage house plan with porch

Looking for Mobile Home Porch Ideas?

We've gathered some ideas and pictures for you. Different types of roof designs, FAQ's. For manufactured, modular, pre-fab ... See more
mobile home porch with shed roof

Have You Tried Our Porch Illustrator

Porch Illustrator lets you see the difference a porch makes

If you have a ranch home, our Porch Illustrator will give you some idea how a porch would look on it. Try it!

We also have a Porch Illustrator for a two-story-home, too. Both very helpful with planning your front porch designs.

Our Picks

Our Front Porch Ideas Generator

Our 140 page ebook includes many before and after pics. Case studies from real homeowners of how their house might look with a wonderful front porch
See more
Our Front Porch Ideas Generator ebook

Small Porch Plans in an eBook

Do you have room for a small porch on your home? Then check out these good looking porches. You get six front porch designs (plans) in a 37 page PDF.
See more
porch plan book cover

Our Idea Book to Help You Nail Down Your Porch Design

We get lots of questions about how a porch would look on a ranch or two-story home. Take a look at our Porch Illustrator e-Book to see how a plain home is transformed with the addition of a porch. See more

Porch Illustrator Vol 1 & Vol 2

Our Site is a Labor of Love

As Dave and I have looked at homes over the years and strolled through neighborhoods, we have always been drawn to charming front porches. We've lived in homes with big porches, small porches and no porch (sad!).

We once purchased a home just because it had a screened porch. And that was a terrific decision.

Dave and I use our passion to bring you the best porch decorating and design ideas for your front porch.

We hope that our front porch designs, decorating and entertaining ideas will help you whether you have a front porch, side porch, or a great back porch!

You will find many front porch designs and porch pictures throughout our site.

Our front porch pictures will help you visualize and plan your projects.
Thinking of building or renovating a porch? From stone columns to renovating to building a new porch from scratch we have photo gallery pictorials to show you how it is done.

Share your porch pictures with us!

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