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Outdoor Halloween Decorations
for a Fun Porch

Outdoor Halloween decorations for your porch and yard make this holiday a favorite for many. Our grandchildren just love Halloween and our niece even has her birthday on that day. For Mary and I, its a fun time of year.

Whether you are looking for scary Halloween decoration ideas or just want to create fun Halloween decor on your porch, come along with us.

All sorts of Halloween decorating ideas for your porch

We have all kinds of Halloween decorating ideas here

Use These Halloween Decorating Ideas

Our Halloween decorating section has something for everyone, from scary decoration ideas to fun projects for the entire family. Enjoy!

Use Our 10 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Our easy and quick Halloween decorating ideas are fun to do and won't break the bank. It's fun for everyone!

Deborah's Halloween Decorating Ideas

Deborah says, "Roll your eyes if you must." She celebrates Halloween week.

It is "the process of the garden going down, the harvest ripening, the changing of the seasons, ...and the biggest horror of all - the land of plenty is transformed into the land of the dead.

A Candy Holder for Your Halloween Porch

Our 11 year old grandson helped us make this fun candy holder for Halloween.

Cost around $6.00 to make, not including the black cat or items on the shelves. Spend time with your child or grandchild to make this cute outdoor Halloween decoration.

Black Cat and More for Halloween

Get our template for making this Halloween black cat. It's a fun project you can do with your kids or grandchildren. That's what we did!

Halloween Porch Contest - Archive

Readers submitted their best Halloween porch decorations to our contest. We enjoy their creativity for both fun and spooky Halloween decorations.

Fun Pumpkin Photos

From carving to painting pumpkins to dressing them up - we have some nifty pumpkin pictures to give you ideas

Jane's Jack-o-Lanterns

Looking for ideas to use Jack-o-lanterns and goblins in your Halloween porch decorations?

Jane of Janie's Porch created a very whimsical jack-o-lantern scene with a string or purple and orange lights plus six plastic pumpkins and black netting.

Build a Cute Scarecrow

We took our Nashville grandchildren to a garden store where they build scarecrows every October. See how easy it is to make your own.

Halloween Pillow Toppers

These Halloween pillow toppers are the most fun ever - a crazy witch, a friendly ghost, a spooky owl and a magical black cat.

See our easy tutorial and video!

Scary Halloween Decorations Oooooh!

To create the graveyard effect on your front porch, you will want to make it as creepy as humanly possible. You will want to have massive spider webs spilling out from the corners of your porch...and larger-than-life spiders.

You can even find glow-in-the-dark spiders!

Podcast: Halloween Decorating Tips by Jennifer Davenport

Jennifer loves Halloween more than anyone we know. Listen to our fun discussion with Jennifer and you might be surprised why she loves Halloween so much. It's all about her family and making memories.

If you're a nay sayer, this might change your mind about this fun holiday!

Halloween Decorating for your Porch

With some creativity, you can have a spooky porch this year for your trick-or-treaters. Cathy's son-in-law created a spider web with spiders big and small on his front porch.

Are you planning on decorating for Halloween? You don't need a lot of time or money to come up with something spooktacular.

Halloween Decoration Ideas - Gone Batty!

Karla's porch is a big hit in her neighborhood. She and her family decorated their porch for Halloween with a bazillion bats. Eeeewh! A little creepy, a lot of fun!

Karla got the idea from an article in a magazine and improvised. She tells us how she did it including lessons learned.

Kate's Vintage Halloween Decorations

Kate's porch is decorated for Halloween with traditional, vintage decorations like black cats and witches' hats.

Find out how she added some whimsical magic to make her porch a perfect place for little goblins to visit.

Watch Our Video: Halloween Porches & Scenes (A Little Spooky)

Some awesome Halloween decorating ideas with a little spooky music for entertainment!

Watch Our Video: Halloween Porches & Scenes (A Little Spooky)

Some awesome Halloween decorating ideas with a little spooky music for entertainment!

Spooky or Fun?

Combining a little Halloween and a little fall decorating on or around your front porch can make for some pleasant displays like the one above. We like this one as it is simple in design yet so memorable and eye-catching. Don't you think?

No matter your age, Halloween can be either a "spooky" holiday or one filled with the brilliance of autumn colors punctuated with craftily carved pumpkins, bales of straw, and colorful mums.

Which do you prefer, spooky or fun?

Kelly Ann's Halloween porch - trick or treaters are given a grand welcome with these porch curtains
Photo courtesy of Kelly Ann Stern Azzara

Kelly Ann's Halloween porch is a blend of spooky and fun - but we think mostly fun. We just love how she puts up these fantastic Halloween curtains - that she made herself. Do you love porch curtains like we do?

a halloween haven on this porch

You can use your entire porch to decorate for Halloween!

How About Some Spiderwebs?

Halloween spiderweb on front porch

Spiderwebs as shown in the two pictures above are forever popular. The skeleton in the second photo adds a little more "spookiness" to the scene.

However, when adding elements to scenes make sure they are comparable in size; otherwise, your display may look a little odd.

skeleton on bike for halloween
Photo courtesy of birshycat

Eye-catching and memorable Halloween decor

Video: From Autumn to Halloween Decor


Video: From Autumn to Halloween Decor


Do You Like Mr. Pumpkin Man?

Pumpkin man on porch swing

He's really cute, don't you think?

Note how well a singular outdoor Halloween decoration, like Mr. Pumpkin Man above, may be all you need. We are sure he gets plenty of smiles from people passing by.

Video: See Our Autumn and Halloween Pictures

Video: See Our Autumn and Halloween Pictures

Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas from Plow&Hearth icon

Click on the pictures to see more details on Plow&Hearth icon
As these are seasonal items, then may not alwasy be available.

Themes for Your Outdoor Halloween Decorations

To maximize the effect of your outdoor Halloween decorations, decide on a theme.

Have you ever noticed a well decorated porch where every accent provides not only interest but adds to the overall effect?

That's the look you want, a cohesive well thought out Halloween decorating theme.

outdoor Halloween decorations

Perhaps you want to create a spooky graveyard complete with ghosts and goblins that haunt the night. Or, a haunted house theme that not only looks scary but sounds it as well.

Have Enough Space for Outdoor Halloween Decorations?

Once you've settled on a theme, here are some more general ideas for outdoor Halloween decorations to make your house the talk of the neighborhood.

Halloween decorated porch
  • Consider the size of your porch and yard. If it's rather small in size it may not be right for a haunted house simply because not enough room. Try simple ideas - less is more.

  • Don't try to crowd too much into a small space as it won't usually have the effect you want. Rather, try some simpler ideas (less is more).

  • No matter the size of your porch, lighting can have dramatic effects. Use low lighting but make sure the area is safe. You can use Halloween lighting on the railings or under the eaves of your porch.

Just Plain Cute - Do You Agree?

outdoor Halloween decoration for front door
What a fun way to use colorful ears of corn, autumn leaves and a mini pumpkin.

Halloween decorated porch
Notice the lantern and cute jack-o-lantern pumpkins

Dirt Princess

outdoor halloween decorations We found a really neat gardening blog authored by "Dirt Princess".

After having to toss out the fresh pumpkins on her porch due to high humidity, she came up with the idea of putting foam pumpkins on the porch.

She marked "BOO" on these pumpkins in fancy writing using permanent markers.

Aren't they so cute?

And better yet, she wrote a fancy monogram on the backside of the middle pumpkin.

So when Halloween is over, she can just turn the pumpkins around and they can last through Thanksgiving!

Thank you Ms. Dirt Princess for your wonderful gardening blog. Love it.

Combine Fall Decorations with Halloween

You can combine fall decorations with a few traditional Halloween decorations like the porch below to create a neat look!

Old standbys still look great. Use bails of straw, some well-placed corn stalks, and a pumpkin or two to create your Halloween look.

Beautifully decorated Halloween porch

Mums are not only ideal for fall but work well for Halloween as well. You can place them strategically on steps, railings, or even in hanging planters.

Don't forget Casper the friendly ghost. Not all Halloween caricatures have to be ghouls. Use happy ghosts and other figures to give your porch a fun look for the kids.

Decorate around your existing items. This birdhouse takes on a different appeal surrounded by pumpkins.

Create seating areas with bales of straw or use them for tables and decorate with pumpkins and other objects.

Again, lighting can play a major role. Use lights to highlight your Halloween decorations - spot lights with blue or even black lights will do the trick.

More Halloween Decorating Pictures

Orange and purple sparklies decorate this porch for Halloween

Orange and purple sparklies decorate this porch for Halloween

Very cute candy corn pillows on this porch swing

Very cute candy corn pillows on this porch swing

ghost Halloween decorations

Happy ghost and pumpkin decorations on the table

The witches clothes are hanging on the clothesline

Perfect outdoor Halloween decorations - witches' clothes hanging on the line

Don't Go Already

Most adorable Halloween pillows ever

Cutest pillows toppers for Halloween

See our fun tutorial on how to make these Halloween pillows for your porch.

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