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Front Porch Swings

Latest Swing Options for Your Porch

Porch swings are a gathering place from which memories are made. Poems have been written and songs have been sung about the magic powers of a front porch swing.

Do you have porch memories? My swing became an airplane soaring through the air or a base from which to play hide-and-seek.

Mary has fond memories of playing on her grandparents swing with her grandmother.

Children making memories on front porch swing
Porch Swings: where memories are made!

We encourage you to check out several options before you purchase - just in case you find a swing that you may not have previously considered!

Porch Swings Directory

Front Porch Swing with colorful porch cushions

Who wouldn't want to spend time on this beautiful porch? That swing is the best.

The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had. - Arnold H. Glasgow

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Wood Swings

four foot cedar porch swing from Cedar Swings on Amazon

I love wooden swings - and cedar has that fresh fragrance. As a woodworker, I appreciate both the beauty and craftsmanship in these classic swings.

Look at these other wood swings, too. Find what you love.

Metal Swings

decorative metal porch swing from Beautiful Metal Swings on Amazon

For undeniable elegance and years of durability, a metal porch swing may be just what you want.

Explore our metal swing section.

Wicker Swings

wicker porch swing from Wicker Swings on Amazon

Classic wicker swings surely don't go out of style. Wicker is beautiful especially when you have several pieces together. Add a couple cushions and spend some time on the swing with someone you love.

See more wicker swings.

Adirondack Swings

adirondack porch swing from Adirondack Swings on Amazon

You can't go wrong with an adirondack porch swing - leisure and rustic come to mind. Looks so nice with almost any outdoor furniture design.

Discover what we found in our adirondack swing section.

Listen to a Porch Story

Podcast 34 - Understanding color concepts

Courtesy of Creative Commons (ctj71081 and license)

Click on the play button to hear Shannon's story

Click on the play button to hear Shannon's story

Learn more about Shannon on our Porch Ideas Network podcast page.

Polywood Swings

white polywood porch swing from Polywood Swings on Amazon

Want durability and beauty? Check out these polywood swing options that give you the beauty wood without the maintenance. Polywood swings can hold weather at bay (including salt spray). And say good bye to splinters, cracks, rot, stains and insects.

Our Favorite - Swing Beds

Porch swing bed by The Porch Company Swing Bed

There's nothing quite like a swing bed for maximum comfort. Curl up in comfort on one of these beauties and you'll wonder why it took you so long to get one.

We know where you can get one that converts easily to a regular porch swing! It's our absolute favorite of swing beds handcrafted by The Porch Company. You gotta see these!

Swing Cushions for Your Tushy - Pillows Too!

porch swing cushions at Pretty Swing Cushions on Amazon

Comfortable cushions and colorful pillows are what finish your swing. So much more comfortable with swing cushions, of course, and the patterns and colors available make it a fun decision.

Take a look and find cushions and pillows for your swing today!

Swing Hanging Hardware

porch swing hanging hardware at Highly Recommended Swing Hardware on Amazon

Use the proper swing hardware to secure your swing to ensure its safety. Heavy duty and built to last, this hardware will do the trick!

Also, check out how to hang your swing properly.

What a Difference a Swing Bed Makes

Watching this video will cause Swing Bed Envy!

10 Factors You Need to Know When Selecting a Swing

  • Being comfortable and not falling down are two of the first things that we like. You surely don't want your swing collapsing.
  • A seat depth from 18 to 36 inches (50-100 cm) - depending on your preference and comfort.
  • Curved or slanted chair slats to make a more comfortable seat. Air should be able to circulate between the slats.
  • Wooden porch swing on Victorian style porch
  • Think of how your swing will be used...swings can hold one or more people depending on the length of the seat and the strength of the chains, hardware, and supports.
  • Additional length-wise supports under the chair slats will make your swing a lot stronger and will swing more evenly.
  • All joints should be bolted or screwed together, not nailed. Mortise and tenon joinery is strongest.
  • Pine, poplar, maple or oak swings will not weather as well but are great for covered porches.
  • Cherry, teak, and even eucalyptus are great woods for swings exposed to the elements.
  • Wooden bench backs come in a variety of styles. Back slats can run horizontally, vertically with a topper or even vertically at differing heights to form a "round" back. Some styles will suit certain homes better than others.
  • Swing cushions covered in durable outdoor fabrics, can complement any architectural or decorating style. They also make it a lot more comfortable!

Swings Can Be Beautiful, Creative and Fun

Denise's back porch swing
Photo courtesy of Denise from The Painted Home

Not all swings are outdoors. Denise's is on her screened back porch and doesn't it look amazing? See more of her back porch on our spring decorating section.

Wooden porch swing on beautiful porch

This beautiful handcrafted musical swing was made by Tor Clausen of Olympia, WA. You can actually play a tune on it!

yellow swingbed on porch
A Contemporary Swingbed for Maximum Comfort

Swings and porch gliders can range from beautifully hand-made designs to charming novelty designs. In doing our research, we found that even the Coca-Cola Company® has a red and white striped classical swing for your porch. How cool is that?

A rocking chair porch with a delightful porch swing - most lovely and inviting

Dave and I often see this home on our walks and we love that they have both porch rocking chairs and a porch swing. Makes for a perfect relaxing spot from which to watch the world go by!

front porch swing in a beautiful autumn setting
Photo courtesy of >Jeff and Leyla
A beautiful autumn setting for this wonderful wooden swing

Awesome Porch Swing Plans

Check out these wood porch swing plans and use to make your own swing!

Wooden porch swing plan for a loveseat swing Wooden porch swing plan

Not Enough Porch Depth for a Swing?

Then consider a porch glider. Again, you have lots of options from which to choose.

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/ Porch Swings

/ / Porch Swings

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Our site is a labor of love. We appreciate your comments very much.

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