Make These Homemade Firecracker Decorations

Our homemade firecracker decorations are perfect Americana decorations for celebrating the 4th of July on your front porch. Mary and I love how they complement our patriotic American flag and our other 4th of July craft ideas we used to decorate for the holiday.



Our friends, Doug and Liz, with, helped us create these festive Americana-style firecracker decorations.

They are inexpensive and so easy to make you just might want to create several sets for family and friends.

Make these Americana style 4th of July homemade firecracker decorations
Want to make some homemade firecracker decorations this year?
Nothing says the 4th of July like firecrackers. Raid the frig for plastic butter lids, find some PVC pipe, a little rope, some Americana-style burlap, and a glue gun to make these fun decorations.

Let's get crackin!

Video: Making the Firecrackers

Dave gives you a quick overview of our firecracker project

How to Make the Homemade Firecracker Decorations

Doug and I made these using Americana-style burlap that Mary and I found at Walmart. Actually it was leftover from making our patriotic porch banners.

Another option if you can't find similar burlap is to get solid red and blue burlap and maybe paint stars on it.



Homemade Firecracker Materials and Tools List

PVC Pipe

We used scrap pieces on hand; however, you can purchase PVC pipe relatively inexpensively at your local building supply store. We selected the sizes listed below based on our available pieces of PVC. You may want to make yours taller or shorter depending on your own desires.

    1 @ 3 inches diameter by 24 inches

    1 @ 3 inches diameter by 20 inches

    1 @ 2 inches diameter by 14 1/2 inches


We used Americana-style burlap and purchased enough to make banners for our porch columns and a few other 4th of July crafts. Fortunately, we had enough scraps left over to make these firecrackers.

It didn't take much to cover our pvc pipes; however, be sure you purchase a sufficient amount.

If displaying your firecrackers indoors, other fabrics would work as well.

Plastic Lids

One for each firecracker.

I actually emptied several plastic containers in the fridge so I could use the lids. Hopefully, you won't have to do that. Mary was wondering why the yogurt was in a different container!


I purchased 18 inches (six inches for each firecracker) of rope at a building supply store. I used a heavier twine-type rope so it would stand above the tops of the firecrackers.

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Doug and I used a significant amount of glue so be advised!

Six Nails

We used the nails to secure the rope to the plastic lids.

Sharp Knife or Box Cutter

Sewing machine or needle and thread (optional)

Saw (hack saw or chop saw)

Homemade Firecracker Decoration Assembly Steps

Step 1

pvc cut to lengths for 4th of july firecrackers Cut PVC to the lengths you desire.

Step 2

nail thru rope to secure to plastic lid Cut an X in the center of each plastic lid just large enough to insert a piece of rope.

Insert the rope and secure by inserting a nail through the rope on each side of the plastic lid.

Step 3

glue plastic lid to open end of pvc Place hot glue on rim at top of one end of the pvc.

attaching plastic lid to pvc Attach lid to hot glue.

using boxcutter to trim plastic After the glue cools place PVC with lid down on a piece of scrap wood.

Use an box cutter or other sharp knife to cut the excess plastic away from the PVC pipe.

Repeat step 3 for each piece of pvc.

plastic lid glued to top of pvc

Step 4

Cut a piece burlap to cover the top of the pvc. You will need to cut an X in the center and insert it over the rope.

covering plastic top with americana-style burlap

Use a hot glue gun to secure it to the top of the plastic lid. I also put a small amount around the rope where it meets the plastic lid.


three pieces of pvc with burlap covered tops

Doug and I said "ouch" a lot - hot glue is well, hot!

Step 5

Calculate the amount of burlap needed to cover the PVC. In our case we used two different burlaps, one for the lower section and one for the top section.

Lay a bead of hot glue along the side of the pvc as shown.

three pieces of pvc with burlap covered tops

If using two different burlaps as we did, cover the lower section first and secure using a hot glue gun. Tuck any remaining burlap up inside the bottom of the PVC and secure with hot glue.

Wrap the lower section of burlap around pvc and secure with hot glue as shown below

wrapping the pvc with americana-style burlap

securing the burlap wrap with hot glue

Step 6

Next, wrap the top portion of the PVC and secure with hot glue.

applying hot glue to top portion of burlap

In the photo above, glue is applied along the top (which is already covered with burlap) in order to secure the overlapping top burlap section. Although not pictured, the top overlapping burlap section is attached in the same manner as was the bottom section.

Ensure the seams for both the top and bottom burlap align; otherwise, it will make it difficult to display without a seam showing.

NOTE: To give your homemade firecracker decorations a finished look, recommend you hem the top portion of burlap using a sewing machine or by hand sewing before gluing to the PVC.

Place on porch and enjoy!

finished 4th of july firecrackers

To make the homemade firecracker decorations more stable on the porch, I constructed a little stand out of scrap wood.

homemade firecracker decorations on wood platform homemade firecrackers on platform on front porch I cut 2x4s about 8 inches long and ripped them to fit inside the PVC. I then attached them to the stand with screws and slid the PVC over them.

Americana style 4th of July homemade firecracker decorations
We love our homemade firecrackers

finished 4th of july firecrackers

Doug and I enjoyed making these homemade firecracker decorations and know you will too. I could see making another set and placing them on either side of our porch columns.

Be sure to see our Americana Flag, 4th of July bird houses, and our patriotic banners - just a few of our many 4th of July decorating ideas!

Patriotic burlap columns on our front porch
See all of Our Americana 4th of July Craft ideas


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