Patriotic Porches

Pride, Patriotism, and Front Porch Appeal

Contrary to some, patriotic porches have not gone out of style. In fact, Mary and I know front porches love 4th of July decorations, Memorial Day salutes, Flag Day decor, and any other occasion on which you can showcase the good ol' red, white, and blue.



From flying Old Glory to showcasing your home with buntings, ribbons, artwork, figurines, and more, you can not only show pride in your country but also create an aesthetically pleasing array of colors.

Use our Patriotic Porch Directory to explore a myriad of ways you can create a most patriotic porch for any occasion.

Patriotic Porch Directory

collage of american flags and monuments for veteran's day
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front porch decorated for the 4th of july
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patriotic birdhouse decorations
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homemade firecracker decorations on front porch
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red wagon on front porch decorated for a patriotic holiday
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front porch with flowers and flags
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patriotic floral arrays on front porch
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4th of july table decorations on front porch
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burlap patriotic banners on front porch
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patriotic pillow covers on front porch
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patriotic wooden americana flag project photo
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memorial day decoration idea for your front porch
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Red, White and Blue Bandana Pillows

collage of pictures for making bandana pillows
We used $1 bandannas from the dollar store to make red, white and blue pillow toppers

Video: Easy Bandana Pillows

I show you how easy it is to make these cute pillow covers
A quick and simple way to make patriotic pillows for your porch is to use red, white and blue bandannas from your dollar store. Instead of making the entire pillow, I just made pillow toppers over an existing pillow.

bandanas from the dollar store in red, white and blue
You just need one bandana for each pillow
three banadana pillows in red, white and blue

I simply wrapped each pillow in a bandana and pinned the bandana to the back. I put the bandannas on the pillows diagonally because it's easier to fasten the 4 points on the back this way.

Don't worry if a little bit of the pillow underneath shows on the corners. Just makes for a more fun pillow.

the backside of my bandana pillow - wanted to show you how I attached the corners with safety pins

I turned the pillow over to show you how I fastened the bandana with 4 safety pins. So simple. In fact, I think that I might start making my pillow toppers to go on this way from now on - diagonally. That way they can fasten on the back instead of the front.

our patriotic porch
Showing off our patriotic pillows on our front porch

our patriotic porch from further back - see our pretty azaleas
Another view of our porch with the azaleas blooming for the first time

Spring pillow toppers with cute song birds made by painting right onto fabric - actually very easy!
Have you seen our spring songbird pillow toppers?

More Porches Decorated in Red, White and Blue

Look at Joni's Patriotic Screened Porch

Click the play button to see Joni's wonderful screened porch
Find Joni on Instagram (@popartminis). She's a wonderful artist and draws the cutest pictures!

patriotic porch contest winner from Franklin, Tennessee

Enjoy our photo collection of patriotic porches that are sure to inspire you and hopefully, give you ideas you can use on your own front porch.

patriotic porch contest winner from McKinney, Texas
Local patriotic porch contest winner in McKinney, Texas

porch bench decorated for the 4th of July
Front porch bench with patriotic colors and red, white, and blue lanterns
You can find lanterns and other like objects at Hobby Lobby, Ross's, Jo Ann's, etc., for minimal costs (especially on sale) and paint them patriotic colors. See Dave's tip below regarding an easy way to repaint items.

Patriotic burlap columns on our front porch

We really have enjoyed our own Americana style decorating for the 4th of July. We designed these burlap banners for our porch columns and they were quick and easy to make.

Do you want to make some banners for your porch?

Lily's beautifully decorated patriotic porch

With thanks to one of our readers, Lily, for sharing her porch with us. She spray painted the baskets and tiled the cement bench. Pretty, aren't they? Such beautiful sunshine streaming through the American flag.

nostalgically decorated patriotic front porch

We like the nostalgic looking banners across the railings - reminds of the way front porches were decorated at the turn of the 19th century.

patriotic front porch adorned with buntings

Buntings are an easy way in which to decorate for any patriotic holiday, remembrance, or celebration. Remember; however, to put the blue color on top!

decorated patriotic hanging baskets
Decorate hanging baskets and potted plants

stair railing adorned with flags, ribbons, and patriotic garland
Don't' forget to decorate your porch railings - ribbons, flags, and garland

patriotic looking doll on front porch
Create a patriotic scene on your porch - adds a bit of frivolity to the occasion

front porch with red, white, and blue ribbons, flowers, and wreath
Patriotic ribbons, flower arrangements, and wreath on front porch

red, white, and blue decorated front porch
Lovely decorated front porch with colorful hanging stars

Videos: 4th Of July Decorated Porches

Patriotic Porches from Westhaven (Franklin, TN)

Patriotic Porches from Tucker Hill (McKinney, TX)

Enjoy More Pictures of Patriotic Front Porches

front porch festooned with red, white, and blue

expansive front porch decorated for 4th of July

4th of July decorations behind white picket fence

4th of July homemade pennant on front porch railing

4th of July decorations on Beth's porch
Patriotic porches submitted by our readers


Decorate Your Front Porch on These Patriotic Holidays

  • Inauguration Day (January 20 of each fourth year after 1965)
  • Washington's Birthday (also referred to as President's Day - the third Monday in February)
  • Armed Forces Day (third Saturday in May)
  • Memorial Day (the last Monday in May)
  • Flag Day / Army Birthday (June 14th)
  • Independence Day July 4
  • Coast Guard Birthday (August 4th)
  • Labor Day (the first Monday in September)
  • Gold Star Mothers Day (last Sunday in September)
  • POW/MIA Recognition Day (third Friday in September)
  • Air Force Birthday (September 18th)
  • Columbus Day (the second Monday in October)
  • Navy Day (October 27th)
  • Marine Birthday (November 10th)
  • Armistice Day Veterans Day - November 11
  • Pearl Harbor Day (December 7th)

This is Patriotism: Flag Day in the USA

front porch festooned with red, white, and blue
Photo courtesy of Cameron Morris
Our grandson, Cam, took the photo above of these beautiful USA flags flying proudly on Flag Day.

Sandra's beautiful porch and patriotic flag flying

Thanks to Sandra Benham Bruce for sharing her patriotic porch with us. We also love her porch swing and that water pump.

Dave's Painting Tip

Painting metal objects can sometimes be challenging, especially if they have been already painted once. We like to use Zinsser®, a paint product available at your local home building supply store.

Apply a coat of Zinsser®, let dry, and then paint over it with a color of your choice. Zinsser® notonly adheres to almost any surface, but also allows other paints to stick to it with ease.


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