Hang An Outdoor Thermometer Clock
On Your Front Porch

Knowing how to hang an outdoor thermometer clock and other heavier objects on your porch ensures you'll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Both small and large outdoor clocks and front porches go together like rocking chairs and lemonade. With so many styles from which to choose, you are sure to find one that will add extra appeal to your front porch.



When Mary and I saw a beautiful clock mounted on our friend's front porch we knew we wanted to have one too.

We ordered it weeks before our home was finished and it was one of the first things we put up after moving in.

There's just something about a clock that evokes feelings of nostalgia for times gone by; reminds us of a train station.

large outdoor thermometer clock on our front porch column

We are pretty proud of our outdoor clock (and tiny thermometer) and it gets lots of compliments, too.

Seeing the large outdoor clock below on our travels and another one on our friend Anna's porch, Mary and I wanted a clock for our own porch. So when we moved into our new home, it's one of the first things we purchased for our porch.

large outdoor thermometer clock on front porch wall

Outdoor clocks come in a variety of styles, some are clocks only while others are both clocks and thermometers. You can also get clocks with the time piece on one side and the thermometer on the other or have both on both sides.

Ours is basically a time piece with a small thermometer on both sides.

You may want to opt for an atomic outdoor clock whose time is reset by Colorado's national atomic clock. You can also get clocks that glow in the dark.



Discover Porch Clock Options

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Attaching Your Clock to Your Porch

outdoor clock on vinyl porch column
An outdoor thermometer clock on front porch column
Methods vary for attaching clocks to your front porch. If you have siding and depending on the weight of your outdoor clock, you may be able to use vinyl siding or soffit hooks (we got ours online under the name No-Hole Hook made by JMT Home Products). They are super easy to use and excellent for lighter items up to five pounds.

If you have wood columns you can simply attach the clock directly to the wood with screws. Likewise if you have vinyl column wraps.

You can simply screw the clock through the column wrap and directly into the wood behind it.

If you have masonry columns you can use screws meant for such materials. If you are attaching your clock to brick you can purchase special clips that attach to your brick for such purposes.

Mary and I were faced with a slightly different issue, hollow supporting vinyl porch columns and knowing how to hang an outdoor thermometer clock. We thought we would share with you how we did it below.

How to Hang An Outdoor Thermometer Clock on Vinyl Porch Columns

Although outdoor clocks are heavy, Mary and I love clocks on porches and decided to hang one on ours. We have hollow vinyl supporting columns which makes hanging heavier objects a bit different.

Video: How We Hung Our Outdoor Clock

Watch our video to see how we hung our outdoor clock

Steps to Hang an Outdoor Thermometer Clock

mounting wooden plate to vinyl column
Marking holes for attaching wooden plate to vinyl column
At first I was going to use construction adhesive and fasten a wood plate to the column. I would then screw the clock base into the wood. Although this would work really well, it would become a permanent fixture to the column.

toggle bolts Instead, I opted to use toggle bolts to fasten a 3/4 inch thick wooden plate to the column.

Although this meant drilling holes into the column, I could remove the plate if needed and repair the holes.

I then used that as a template to mark the column. To make it easier I cut a short piece of stiff wire (a metal clothes hangar will work).

I inserted it into the holes and tapped it lightly with a hammer to mark the columns and it worked really well.

This can be difficult for one person, that is, to align and hold the material for marking. Make it easier on yourself and use a clamp.

I then drilled the holes for the toggle bolts.

mounting wooden plate to vinyl column
Drilling the holes in the vinyl column
I inserted the bolts through the holes in the wood plate and attached the winged expansion nuts to the bolts. I then inserted the toggle bolt assemblies into the holes in the porch column.

Tighten the toggle bolts until the wood plate is secure. (Note - make sure your toggle bolts are long enough to extend past the wood plate and thickness of your columns before you install them).

wooden plate mounted onto porch column
Wooden plate attached to vinyl support column
I then aligned the clock base square to the column and fastened it with screws.

clock installed on wooden base
Clock installed on wooden base with screws

wooden caps

I covered the screw holes with wooden caps and then painted the wood to match the column color.

clock installed on hollow vinyl porch column

Now that you know how to hang an outdoor thermometer clock, sit back in your rocking chair and enjoy your newly installed exterior clock!



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