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Great Front Porch Designs

Great front porch designs should meet three basic characteristics: architectural compatibility, functionality, and overall appeal. Mary and I call it harmonizing, that is, matching the architecture of your porch with that of your home. It should appear as a seamless addition, one the integrates both the style and feel of your home.

A porch's functionality should be an integral part of the design too.

No matter the size, every porch can be functional, combining its primary purpose of providing refuge from the weather with space for entertaining, relaxing, or perhaps just a shelf for holding packages while you unlock the front door.

front porch designs collage - which is your favorite

Porches should exude warmth and charm. They become an extension of your personality and style and are the first feature visitors and passer-bys see.

Understanding the components of a porch and how they complement each other is essential to creating your perfect porch. Porch lighting, railings, columns, furniture, and landscaping are just a few of the critical factors that must be incorporated into your front porch design.

Mary and I have created an amazing portfolio of front porch designs for almost every imaginable front porch along with designs for the ever popular screen porch, three season, and even four season porches. In addition, we offer a myriad of planning tips and information you need to create your own perfect porch.

Explore Our Front Porch Designs Directory

Beautiful front porch with rocking chairs
Porch Designs Illustrator

Our Front Porch Designs Illustrator is perfect for seeing exactly how a porch design will change the look of your home. Choose from porch designs for either a typical ranch home or two-story - then put selected ones into motion so you can panoramic effects.

Not only that, but we also show you various landscape, walkway, and porch flooring options too.

Screened porch example
Design Ideas for Your Screened Porch

Screen porches allow for bug free dining and help provide protection from the elements. Finding a fabulous screened porch design is your first step to increasing your time on the porch.

See the designs we have for screen porches. This is our personal favorite kind of porch.

Typical porch enclosures
Different Types of Porch Enclosures

Porch enclosures range from outdoor curtain systems and simple DIY in-a-weekend kits to more complex units that are installed by technicians.

From curtains to elegant open air systems, there's a porch enclosure to fit every need and budget.

three season porch example
Three Season Porches for More Living Space

Looking for extra living space? With a little effort three season porches can be used almost year round in most locations by taking advantage of the sun or by external means.

We've never come across anybody who didn't love their three season porch!

four season porch addition
Four Season Porches for Year Round Comfort

Four season porches, sun rooms, sun porches, solar porches, solariums, and conservatories are all built for year-round comfort!

A four season porch can add additional living space to your home.
Think of a four season porch as an extra room in your home. See what we mean...

typical sunroom
Check Out These Sunroom Ideas

There's nothing quite like the comfort of a sunroom. Not only does it add living space but also brings the outside indoors. Surround yourself with comfortable furniture and plants to create your own oasis.

Enjoy our sunroom designs and pictures of sunrooms.

A beautiful wraparound porch design
Some of Our Favorite Porch Design Ideas

Our porch design ideas will give you insight into the what makes a perfect porch through porch pictures and information outlining what you need to consider. Whether building a new porch or remodeling an existing one, our ideas will inspire you.

Explore all facets of front porches.

rendering of a ranch home with front porch
See These House Plans with Fantastic Porches

Discover these house plans that include appealing porches. You can select from a myriad of plans that depict almost every type of home and differently designed porches.

We are confident you can find your dream home - and porch too!

Ranch home porch
Ranch Style Home Porches

Although simplistic in design, ranch homes offer many opportunities for fantastic front porches.

Explore ranch home porch roof options along with porch column porch railing options.

Example of a small porch
Small Porches - Big Appeal

Sometimes called porticos, small front porch designs can pack a big punch! With the right small front porch ideas you can make your porch stand out.

See how Susan was inspired by a magazine picture to build her own dream porch.

an example of a country porch
Wonderful Country Porches

Design features that make it a country porch - whether a wrap around porch or not. Country porches are another of our personal favorite front porch designs.

Our porch pictures depict the simplicity and beauty of a true country porch no matter its geographical location.

example of mobile home front porch
About Mobile Home Porches

A mobile home porch can add a ton of charm and outdoor living space for you and your family.

Get some ideas that have been shared with us.

designs of tiny house
Designs for Tiny Houses

Just imagine a family of 3 living in a 320 square foot home. This sweet home even includes a cozy front porch.

You will be surprised at their innovative ways of maximizing their living space - and how much they have decluttered. The front porch design is tiny - but so happy to see they included a porch.

photo of a before porch design
Before and After Porch Designs

Ever wish you had an architect give your home a makeover? And take it from where it is - to where you want it to be? Dave and I found an architectural firm in Utah that does just that. They are sharing some of their awesome "before and after" pictures of front porches. You'll wonder - could that be the same house?

photo of a sleeping porch design
Sleeping Porches - Catch a Snooze

There's nothing quite like sleeping out on our porch on summer night or snuggling under a quilt on a cool fall evening on the porch. Dave and I used to sleep on our screen porch in Nebraska.

See how you can turn your screened porch into a sleeping porch and enjoy the best of both worlds - you just might love it.

a common contemporary porch
Contemporary Style Porches

Also referred to as modern porches, are characterized by an absence of any historical style.

Contemporary front porch designs can be extremely varied and often unique. No single common design theme binds them as a style.

Rendering of a front porch design
Visualize Your Porch Design

Ever wonder what you house would look like with a porch? Or with a larger porch and some nice landscaping? We found someone who can help you do exactly that.

Take a look at his conceptual drawings and see for yourself.

example of log cabin home
Images of Log Homes

Everyone loves to look at log home designs and pictures! We have some beauties for you here courtesy of Roger Wade, Architectural Photographer.

Designs for Log Homes and Timber-Framed Homes structures are a modernized version of yesterday's log cabin. These magnificent designs will surely inspire you! Learn more about this amazing photographer too.

ideal Craftsman-style Porch
Craftsman-Style Porches

Also referred to bungalows, and California bungalows, incorporate natural materials to make a uniquely beautiful home and inviting porch.
Easily identifiable, a craftsman home has low-pitched roof lines that extend over a wide porch with deep overhanging eaves.

While your are here, take a look at Anna's craftsman-style porch and Michelle's Craftsman Farm House and wrap around porch with 3 sitting areas.

Victorian front porch charmer
Porches of Victorian Style Houses

Victorian style houses have porches that are considered among the most beautiful and ornate in almost any neighborhood.

Many Victorian homes have been turned into bed and breakfast inns while others are opened to the public as historic sites..

Classic southern front porch
Traditional Southern Home Designs

Southern home designs include large wrap around front porches and may include them on each level.

Many southern homes range from the majestic to cottage style; but all offer beauty and superb front porch designs.

Breathtaking beach house front porch
Beach and Coastal House Porches

Primarily homes designed to be built near the water, beach house porches tend to be open to capture the beauty of the surrounding area. Coastal homes are often shingle style homes, raised on high foundations for flood protection.

Coastal home porches tend to be sturdy and are usually easily convertible to 3 season or four season porches.

Patio porch extension
Creative Patio Ideas

Patio porches can be your solution when there's no room for an elevated porch. It's a very creative front porch design.

Porch extensions using patio ideas can extend small stoops providing additional space for entertaining, relaxing, or adding curb appeal.

Southwest front porch design example
Creative Southwest Porch Designs

Spanish home porches typically are large with heavy wood trim and tile roofs and may contain arches.

Red roof tiles, stucco siding and carved doors are all characteristic of Southwest homes.

Front porch with lots of curb appeal
Curb Appeal Porches

It's hard to put your finger on curb appeal - we simply know that it's that wow factor that you know when you see it.

Increase the value of your home, make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and create a warm, welcoming look.

Entertain on this porch
Entertaining Porches

For those who love company and outdoor living. From creating simple gathering areas to outdoor kitchens, entertaining porches can be great fun places to play. Porch parties anyone?

Check out our ideas for entertaining on your porch.

Expect privacy on this front porch
Create a Privacy Porch

Create a respite from the world or a place to read a good book, listen to your favorite tunes, or an outdoor refuge for contemplation.

You can use furniture and landscaping ideas to creating your private nook.

beautiful front porch in lexington va
Porch Designs Across the U.S.

Mary and I capture porch designs in our travels across the country to bring you a myriad of ideas you can use for your porch.

beautiful back porch with outdoor furniture
Back Porch Delights

Readers share their back porches complete with both design and decorating ideas - fun to see

Our Guide to Porch Designs will help you determine what type of front porch designs work best with your style of home. We even give you ideas on landscaping and furniture for your porch.

Our Front Porch Ideas Generator - eBook

Ideas Generator for front porches Building or remodeling your porch this year?

Then don't miss out on the ideas in our 140-page eBook. It's jam-packed with before and after pictures plus helpful narratives to give you great ideas for your porch project.

Before you even sketch out your porch, get The Front Porch Ideas Generator plus two special bonuses for only $9.97.

And more line

How to Build a Porch

Many people would like to learn what it takes to build a front porch or convert their existing porch into a different porch design altogether like a screen porch, three season porch, four season porch, or even a room addition.

Check out these home and front porch plans and learn what it takes to build a porch or convert your porch into more usable space.

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front porch designs collage - which ones do you like?

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