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Front Porch Decorating Ideas
Fresh, Fun, and Fantastic!

We have creative porch decorating ideas for every season and many different holidays, along with tips for creating a most curb appealing porch. Whether looking for economical ideas to jazz your porch or wishing to create a sophisticated entryway, Mary and I have the decorating information you need.

We also take you up close and personal with numerous home owners who share their expertly decorated porches. You'll get amazing decorating ideas, photos, and designs you can easily use for your porch.

porch decorating collage

Find tons of decorating ideas here

Porch Decorating Throughout the Year

Winter Decorating Ideas

summer decorating idea - sweet peas and porch swing
Porches Don't Hibernate In Winter

Porches often get neglected in winter but that doesn't have to be the case. Whether you get lot of snow or live comfortably in warmer climates, a decorated winter porch can still have lots of appeal.

Take advantage of the winter months by dressing your porch with natural materials like branches, berries, and evergreens. Create a theme with a sled and ice skates (and a snow shovel if required). There are lots of easy ideas you can use to add some winter charm!
Beautiful old yellow home in the winter
Thanks to Edenseekr for sharing this photo
See our winter porch pictures. Mother Nature decorates naturally!

Watch our Winter Porch Video

Enjoy these beautiful older homes in the wintry snow

Decorate for Valentine's Day on Your Porch

Decorating your porch for Valentine's Day can be quite fun. You only need a few decorations, perhaps a Valentine wreath for the front door, and use lots of "red"!

We'll show you how others have decorated their porches for this special day and give you access to making a neat Valentine's decoration for your porch.

valentine wall hanging decorations on porch
A really nice way to display Valentine quilts and other decor.

St. Patrick's Day Decorating

Decoration Ideas for St Patricks Day

Time for shamrocks and leprechauns.
We made cute shamrock pillows on our porch.
From a sweet burlap shamrock pillow
To three shamrock pillow toppers - get the tutorials.

Spring Decorating for Your Porch

Porches Bloom In Spring!

Emerge from the winter doldrums by making your porch blossom. Choose from a wide variety of color schemes and incorporate colorful cushions, bouquets of flowers, and branches with buds.

You can always add a bit of whimsy with bunnies or other fun creatures. And don't forget a lovely spring wreath for the front door!

Summertime Porch Fun!

summer decorating idea - sweet peas and porch swing
Decorate Your Porch For Summer

Porches were meant for summer and decorating yours can be fun, easy, and economical. Splashes of color on cushions and accessories along with keeping your porch light and airy are simple ways to embrace the "dog days of summer"!

Use a cool color palette and comfy cushions (and don't forget the outdoor fan) for maximum comfort. Our summer porch decorating ideas will definitely extend your outdoor time.

spruce up your porch for summer with beautiful colors of paint and a dose of creativity
Summer on the porch!
Photo courtesy of Marlene Martinez

4th of July - Patriotic Porch Decorating

Showing your patriotism is a way of honoring all the men and women who have protected our freedoms. And a warm thank you to their families, too, who also sacrifice while their loved ones serve.

Our porch decorating for patriotism section contains wonderful porch photos and information related to some very special holidays and remembrances. We also have a list of many patriotic days you may not have previously considered.

Decorating your front porch for these special days with flags, banners, buntings, and other decorative items not only adds appeal but shows you care about those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedoms.

patriotic porch contest winner from Franklin, Tennessee

Patriotic Porch Contest Winner in Franklin, Tennessee

For all the freedoms we take for granted every day, a heartfelt thank you to our veterans.

Autumn Porch Decor

Visit our special Outdoor Autumn Decorating Directory, your portal to a myriad of autumn decorating ideas for your front porch and home. You will find creative ideas from around the country to use on your porch or in your home.

We love decorating for autumn and enjoy all of the fall colors. We also enjoy making various decorative items for our porch, wait till you see our pumpkin fence and fall pillow toppers.

Start with our 12 easy fall decorating ideas which are sure to inspire you. We also feature several porch decorating experts whose autumn ideas are perfect for almost any porch.

Autumn porch of Denise's and Audrey's
Beautiful autumn porch simply but beautifully decorated
Photo contributed in last year's autumn photo fest by Denise and Audra at The Rusty Heart

From the simple and classic to sophisticated autumn decor, enter our World of Fall Decorating Ideas [...]

Veterans Day on the Porch

Showing your patriotism is a way of honoring all the men and women who have protected our freedoms. And a warm thank you to their families, too, who also sacrifice while their loved ones serve. We encourage you to honor Veterans.

patriotic porch contest winner from Franklin, Tennessee
Flying the flag to honor Vets on Veteran's Day

For all the freedoms we take for granted every day, a heartfelt thank you to our veterans.

Spooky and Fun Halloween Decorating for Your Porch

So many people love Halloween - little kids and big kids alike. It's a big porch decorating holiday nowadays - kind of like Christmas.

Do you know what Halloween decorating theme you want to use for your front porch?

All sorts of Halloween decorating ideas for your porch

We have all kinds of Halloween decorating ideas to share with you

Skeletons enjoying time on the front porch swing


Decorating Ideas for Thanksgiving

Porch decorating for Thanksgiving - your decoration ideas need not be too elaborate.
You can create a warm, welcoming, homey feeling that will be felt by all by using a few Thanksgiving decoration ideas for your porch.

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Inspiration

Visit our Outdoor Christmas Decorations Directory. Like autumn, Christmas is one of the most fun times to decorate your front porch. No matter how old you are, outdoor Christmas lights, yard decorations, beautiful wreaths, and garland are enjoyed by all.

Christmas Scenes

Visit our Christmas Directory

See these neat candy stick decorations by Yellow Dog Design

Whether you live in the snowy north or call a warmer climate home, decorating your front porch is usually one of the items on the holiday season's "to do" list.

Mary and I know the extent of holiday decorating ranges from the very simple to going all out. No matter what your decorating goals may be, achieving them requires just the right ideas.

Our Outdoor Christmas Decorations Directory is designed to give you many fun, unique, and easy decorating and outdoor lighting ideas. Here's a very small sample of what you will find:

Christmas Scenes
- From wreath designs to making your own unique front door wreath

- Door decorations to create an exquisite front door entry

- Outdoor lighting scenes that are over-the-top

- Inexpensive ways to create fun holiday scenes

- Ideas for using everyday objects as decorations

- Showcased homes to see how others have decorated their porches

- Ideas for creating holiday curb appeal

These are but a few of the many ideas and projects you will find through our carefully selected Christmas pictures and information.

Use our Outdoor Christmas Decorations Directory for appealing holiday porch decorating ideas.

Curb Appeal Porches

Curb Appeal Ideas

Porches can add immense curb appeal to your home. Whether building a new porch or remodeling see how you can maximize the appeal of your home to increase its value and aesthetics.

Porch Decorating Ideas Shared by Our Kind Readers

Holiday Porch Decorating from Our Readers

Our readers share their holiday porch pictures
with us. From Valentine to Thanksgiving.
Always fun to see what you put together
on your porches for the holidays. Thank you!

Holiday Porch Decorating from Our Readers

Our readers share their holiday porch pictures
with us. From Valentine to Thanksgiving.
Always fun to see what you put together
on your porches for the holidays. Thank you!

More Front Porch Decorating Ideas

the importance of color
Porch Paint Ideas

Color plays a big part in porch decor.
Color pulls it together and makes it work.
Ever notice how pleasing colors make all the difference?
Learn more about color.

decorating ideas
Fresh New Decorating Ideas

We are always excited to hear about new, creative ways to decorate your porch. Here are several including using mirrors on your porch, plant lamps and an innovative way to entertain on your porch.
Do you have a fresh new porch decorating idea to share?

ideas for front porch decorating
More Decorating Ideas

Porch decorating is much like decorating any room of your home.
Think color, theme, focal point and purpose.
We explain each of these concepts so you can use them in your porch decorating.

Have a watercolor portrait of your home made
Imagine a Watercolor Portrait of Your Home

We found an artist who has painted hundreds of portraits of homes in over 43 states and her work is wonderful.
A unique house portrait makes for an amazing gift or treasure for yourself. See some samples!

porch decor tips
Porch Decor Tips from an Expert

Our friend and certified Interior Decorator, Bohnne Jones, shares
some wonderful porch decor tips. She emphasizes how color,
furniture placement and current trends lend themselves to an amazing porch.

Ideas for where to place your furniture
Bohnne's Furniture Placement Ideas

Our friend, Bohnne, shares some MORE wonderful porch decorating tips
- like how to arrange your furniture in a pleasing way.
She also shares some other ways to warm up your porch.
I like Bohnne's tips because they are easy to do.

some of the most perfect porches
Perfect Porches, written by Paula S. Wallace

Paula Wallace, the President and co-Founder of the Savannah College of Art and Design, has a love for porches. So much that she wrote a beautiful book that features 40 wonderful porches from all across the nation. The homeowners share their porch decorating challenges. Wonderful photography by Chia Chong and Adam Kuehl.

Decorate Your Porch with a Theme

Decorating Ideas for Country Porches

Country porch decorating ideas remind us of rural life, blue skies,
cool breezes, wide open spaces, front porch verandas,
colorful flowers, and rocking chairs.
Even if you don't live in the country, you can bring a little bit of the country to where you live. Enjoy our country front porch ideas.

Tuscan Decorating Ideas

If you like simplicity, a warm inviting atmosphere, nature, and the
country, you'll love a Tuscany decorating style for your porch.
Tuscan decorating is a combination of Spanish, French,
and Italian styles. It is a combination of casual and country.

Decorative Outdoor Flags

Porches were meant for outdoor decorative flags and banners.
Display your patriotism or root your team on to victory.
Or you can use those flags and banners decoratively to welcome the seasons.
Flags are fun to collect. A fun way to keep your porch fresh!

You'll Love These Featured Porches

See Pictures and Stories Contributed by Site Visitors

The beauty of a porch is as true today as it ever was.
We have lots of real-life examples to share with you.
Enjoy the creative ways our Visitors decorate their porches.
If you'd like to share your story, just send us a note or photo.

Special Front Porches

Some of the most beautiful front porches in the world are attached
to bed and breakfasts. Because bed and breakfast porches come
in all architectural styles they can give you great ideas.
Next time you stay at a B&B, enjoy the porch...

Porch Decorating Projects

Paint a Rug - Tutorial

Take a porch rug from plain to jazzy
with a little paint
In an afternoon you can transform your rug!

Songbird Pillow Toppers - Tutorial

Hand painted but you don't have to be an artist.
Colorful and spring-like.
Sweet pillow toppers that are easily interchangeable for different seasons.

recover your cushions
Recover Your Older Outdoor Cushions

With the most basic sewing skills and some fabric, you can re-cover your outdoor cushions to make them fresh and new again - like we did.

thrifty porch display stands
How To Make Porch Display Stands

We show you how to make these thrifty porch stands on which you can place potted plants or other decorative items for pennies!

Porch Decorating Basics

No matter the size of your porch, you can make it pleasant and welcoming!

Whether you have multiple porches or a small portico, creating a curb appealing and relaxing front porch evolves around three basic decorating concepts - which anyone can do!

Think of your porch as a room in your home. You can use your porch as an indicator of what's inside. You can reflect your personality, display your interests, etc.

Define Your Porch's Purpose

This could be as simple as defining it only as an entrance to your home. Very small porches and porticos probably fall into this category.

Many times, size is a limiting a factor regarding how you can actually use the space. Often times; however, it is a perfect space to create lots of curb appeal. We have lots of ideas you can use to do just that!

porch decorated for summer pleasure
Relaxing porch for friendly conversations

If you have a large porch sufficient on which to relax, play games, or just entertain friends, you have a space to not only decorate for curb appeal but also furnish as well.

Large porches can be divided into separate areas for dining, enjoying a glass of wine, entertaining, and even privacy for relaxing with a good book (or iPad)!

Create a Theme or Focal Point

This can be done easily with objects (vintage items as an example) or color in cushions, accessories, trim work, and the like.

porch decorated with colorful cushions
Red cushions make for a nice theme

You probably have items around your home you could use to decorate, or use to begin a theme, on your porch. Perhaps you have some beautiful or colorful vases, planters, etc., that could become a focal point. As an example, you could fill them with items other than plants if you so desire.

And remember the rule, that sometimes less is more. Like in a room in your home, a few really decorative items can make a room pop!

Then again, you could go eclectic and cover all the bases!

Here's the really fun part - you can easily change it to match the seasons or celebrate the holidays!

No matter, you'll find a myriad of ideas for creating a focal point throughout our porch decorating sections.

Add Texture

Because your porch is a transition from the outside to the inside, consider adding some natural elements within your decorating scheme.

This can be as simple as placing tree branches in container next to the front door to arranging beautiful floral displays on steps or tables.

colorful natural autumn decorations on front porch
Autumn texture

I made small boxes from old barn wood to place on tables. Mary filled them with hickory nuts from our yard.

Another way to add texture is through pillows or cushions. Use them as part of your theme - double duty. You'll find a plethora of ideas for adding all types of texture to your porch throughout our decorating section.

Porch Decorating Starting Tips

We've tried to make your porch decorating experience as fun and as easy as possible. We've collected ideas from across the U.S. (and elsewhere) to give you ideas you can replicate or modify to fit your needs.

Mary and I have found you don't have to spend a lot of money. We recommend you "shop your house" for decorative items you can use on your porch. Thrift stores also are good sources of unique items. Purchasing decorations for your porch after the season or holiday to take advantage of sales is another way to extend your hard earned dollars.

We like to make items (we share them with you) for our porch that is not only fun for us, but also saves us money.

The Amazon ads are our affiliate links. Thank you.


Our site is a labor of love. We appreciate your comments very much.

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