Burlap Crafts: Pumpkin Pillow

Sweet Autumn Decorating Ideas for Your Porch

Do you like burlap crafts? Then our burlap pumpkin pillow will be perfect for your porch. Our autumn porch theme this year is pumpkins - I think because I already made this burlap pumpkin pillow and some pumpkin pillow toppers, too. Quite fun!



I want to show you how I made this clever little burlap pillow for fall.

collage of our pumpkin pillows
I will also share my painted pumpkin pillow toppers

Tutorial: Burlap Crafts: Pumpkin Pillow

cut out three 12 inch pieces for the pillow

To make this cute burlap pumpkin pillow, you will need two 12 inch squares of solid fabric and one 12 inch square of burlap. I used painters drop cloth for mine and colored burlap for the top. You could use muslin or any other solid fabric that you have that coordinates with your choice of burlap. Natural burlap would look great too.

I just happened to have this orange burlap on hand already. This is a great way to use up fabric scraps.

To start, cut three 12 inch squares of fabric, 1 for the bottom and two for the top. Cutting two pieces for the top is optional. You could simply use the burlap for the top.

The reason I use both the burlap and the painters dropcloth is because I like my pillow top to be a little more substantial. The burlap, of course, is what goes on the very top.

My finished pillow is 11 inches square but if you want yours to be larger or smaller, then just adjust accordingly.

you will need orange and green ribbon and a blunt needle

Plus you will need two packages of ribbon and a blunt needle. My ribbon is neon orange for the main part of the pumpkin and lime green for the stem. It is 24 feet by 1/8” wide. Yours could be wider ribbon – say up to 1/4 inch.

I have a lot of ribbon leftover, so I did not use nearly all the 24 feet. In fact, for the green stem, I probably used just a couple feet.

you will need a sheet of paper and a marker or pencil to draw

Oh, also have a sheet of paper and a marker to draw a pumpkin pattern.

iron your squares before assembling your pillow
Iron the squares before assembling the pillow

Video: Burlap Craft - Pumpkin Pillow

Enjoy our video about this sweet pumpkin pillow



Tutorial Continued

pin the top to the bottom with the burlap in the middle - right sides facing each other

Then, just like with any other pillow project, I made a sandwich with the right sides facing together and I pinned it. Notice that the burlap is in the middle of the sandwich.

hem around the burlap and leave an opening to turn, trim the corners before turning

I sewed a seam all around except for leaving an opening of a few inches to turn the pillow. I trimmed the corners so there would not be so much bulk when I turned the pillow right side out.

The pillow has been turned right side out. Notice the opening.
Turn the pillow right side out

Stuff the pillow with fiberfill but not too full - just medium full.

Here you can see the pillow has been turned and I am stuffing the pillow with fiberfill. Stuff it medium full. If you make it too plump, then your top surface will be a bit more awkward for making the pumpkin on top.

I sewed the pillow shut using my sewing machine

I finished the basic pillow by sewing the opening closed on my machine. You could sew it closed by hand if you prefer your stitches to be more hidden.

Draw a simple pumpkin on the sheet of paper and cut it out.

Draw a basic pumpkin on your sheet of paper. Make it to fit your pillow top. Just a simple outline will do - you do not even have to draw any inside lines if you want to keep it simple.

Mine is nothing special (really!) but here is my template, if you would like it.

Pin the pumpkin template to the pillow.
Cut out the pumpkin and pin it to your pillow

Thread your blunt needle with the orange ribbon

Now thread your blunt needle with the orange ribbon. You will not actually be sewing the ribbon. You will be weaving it over and under the threads of the burlap.

begin weaving the ribbon around the paper template
continue weaving the ribbon around the template

Starting at the top of the pumpkin, just weave the ribbon in and out to make the outline of the pumpkin. Pull a generous amount of ribbon along with you.

Do not cut the tail end of your ribbons just yet.

weaving the ribbon into a pumpkin shape onto the burlap
continue weaving the ribbon into a pumpkin shape onto the burlap

I wove the ribbon around the outside of the pumpkin shape.

weaving ribbon into a pumpkin shape using the template as a guide
weaving ribbon into a pumpkin shape using the template as a guide

Then I added a few detail lines inside the pumpkin. The goal is to end with your ribbon at the top of the pumpkin so that you can tie a bow to finish it off.

weaving ribbon into a pumpkin shape using the template as a guide
installing front porch flooring boards

Next I did the same with the stem. At the very end, you can tie the tails into a bow. I tied the green and orange together.

completed burlap craft - pumpkin pillow
Pumpkin is all done. A cute burlap craft for autumn!


Painted Pumpkin Pillow Toppers

four pumpkin pillow toppers

Want to see how I made these? Watch our video below. They are one of my most favorite toppers so far! And easy as well.

Video: How I Made the Painted Pillow Toppers (and a Bonus Tip)

If drawing and painting are new to you, this is a wonderful place to begin

Here are a few more pictures for you to see the process.

partially painted pumpkin pillow topper

I drew the pumpkin shape with a permanent marker; you could use pencil instead. This is a partially painted pillow topper - notice the shading. I do this by dipping one side of my paint brush in one color and the other side in a slightly darker or lighter shade of the same color.

almost done painting this pumpkin pillow topper

Now I have most of the pumpkin painted. For each section of the pumpkin I choose slightly different colors and always have two colors on my brush at the same time. The result is beautiful shading.

pumpkin pillow topper all painted

Here's how it looks once I had the pumpkin fully painted. I added in some highlights with yellow and a touch of white. I also added in some shadows with a bit of brown and gray.

Why Pillow Toppers?

The reason we like making toppers - instead of a completely new pillow - is because you do not need a new pillow every time you want to change out your decorations.

Our pillows fade in the sun as our porch faces west. So, rather than replacing the whole pillow, we just swap out the topper.

A Lettered Porch Swing Cushion

lettered porch swing cushion for fall

Want to see how we made this lettered porch swing cushion? Here is our porch swing cushion tutorial.


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