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Porch Canopy Ideas

A porch canopy, often called an awning, lessens the heat on your porch - meaning more comfort (ahh!) and savings on your energy bill. But that's not all. Awnings can extend the life of your furniture, window coverings, and your floors because they help shield the sun and weather. And of course, a porch canopy increases the allure and coziness of your outdoor spaces (one of our favorite reasons to have an awning).

Besides that, who doesn't love a bit of shelter from the rain or hot sun? The two of us treasure that.

Versatile Porch Awnings:
Which Options Speak to You?

porch canopy over patio in backyard
Attractive Porch or Patio Canopy
Besides sparing you from the scorching sun and extending the life of your window coverings, porch canopies are helpful in other ways too, some which may not come to mind so quickly.

For example, awnings over your front door or patio can help prevent the deterioration of exterior wood moldings and other structural features of your home. How? By limiting sun and rain exposure.

A dramatic example of this is the comparison of our covered back porch with that of one of our friends who has an open, uncovered deck. Her door and frame are rotting due to water deterioration whereas ours still looks relatively new. Granted, we are talking about a roof, which is much more than a canopy, but it does drive the point home how a covering can help prolong the life of your porch or patio.

Our special thanks to General Awnings™ for allowing us to share their photos and products with us as to share with you.

Porch canopies are often a lot less expensive than constructing a new porch roof on a home or a roof over a patio or deck as well. Many can be installed as a DIY project; others may need to be installed by a qualified contractor.

Choose between retractable canopies that operate with a push of a button or turn with a crank. Some can be automated to open or close based on weather conditions. Materials range from fabrics to metal giving you lots of options.

Depending on the type of porch canopy you choose, many can be installed as a canopy kit for the DIY'ers while others are best left to qualified installers. Awnings normally have warranties and replacement parts are readily available if required to keep your structure in ideal condition over the years.

Benefits and Special Considerations of Porch Canopies

Studies have shown that window awnings can have substantial energy savings for homeowners by reducing solar heat in the summer. According to Energy.Gov, it has been determined that there is potential to save up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows. That's a remarkable improvement.

A study by the University of Minnesota and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) initiated by the Professional Awnings Manufacturers Association (PAMA)indicates that you could also save on cooling equipment costs from 10 to 69 percent depending on your specific location.

Consider These Factors Too

Awnings can save you on energy costs during the summer months; however, they can increase your heating costs by deflecting the sun's rays in the colder months.

Porch canopies require ventilation to reduce the heat generated around windows or doors. When selecting fabric awnings, openings should be present at the top and sides to vent the air. Choose a fabric that is opaque, light in color, and is woven tightly.

white porch canopy over windows and door
Wide dome-shaped porch canopy
One way to make the most of your awnings is by keeping awnings open in summer and closed in winter. Fixed awnings can often be installed to permit the low angle winter sun to allow for radiant heat.

Roll up adjustable or retract your awnings during winter months to let the radiant heat in.

Curb Appealing Porch Canopy Options

Sooner or later many of us want to quickly convert our outdoor space into a covered area to enjoy with family and friends. Mary and I want to give you porch canopy ideas that will surely be a welcome change.

Marquee Style Patio Cover by General Awnings
Aesthetically pleasing porch canopy
Whether you want to add protection from the weather over your front door, reduce your energy costs, or add appeal, we are confident you'll find just the right awning you've been searching for below.

Thinking of a Canopy for Your Door?

If you are wanting a door canopy, we suggest you look for ones that are adjustable, easy to remove and reinstall if required, and require little maintenance. Depending on where you live, look for ones that can be folded down in severe weather and resist rust. All we know is that a bit of shelter at your front door will be a welcome respite when its raining or super hot.

Its pitch is adjustable during, or after, installation due to a proprietary hinged attachment system. It is easy to remove and reinstall if necessary, and requires no maintenance.

You can't beat the look of standing seam roofs. Here's a complementary door awning style that is desired by many.

standing seam door canopy on back of home over patio
Popular standing seam porch canopy over patio door

You can find a porch canopy to fit nearly any budget. Here's an example of an affordable quality door awning that offers year round protection and won't rust.

economical canopy over front doors
Economical porch door canopy

This elegant and versatile aluminum design offers protection from the weather to greet family and friends.

aluminum door awning over front door of home
Aluminum porch door canopy

A fabric awning may be perfect for your home. Made from BeautyMark® or Sunbrella® solution-dyed acrylic designer fabrics, they are water, UV and mildew resistant on aluminum frames which means they will stay nicer looking and be more long-lasting.

sunbrella-fabric-awning over front door of home
Fabric covered door awning

Go modern and elegant with a polycarbonate awning like the one shown below. Made with slightly concaved polycarbonate sheets, this awning is designed to withstand winds. The surface reduces both rain and hail noise and can be connected together to make a longer unit if needed.

polycarbonateporch door canopy on front of home in fall
Modern polycarbonate porch door canopy

Remarkable Transformation: Patio Porch Cover Ideas

Enjoy your outdoor time longer by transforming your patio or deck into porch! Relax in shade instead of the hot sun with a minimal maintenance cover. Here are a few examples:

You can use this as an attached car port too. According to General Awnings™, this model can resist winds over 100 mph depending on its specific location, can handle snow loads exceeding 30 pounds up to 80 pounds per square foot depending on its projection.

windsor patio cover by General Awnings™
Windsor patio porch aluminum cover

Made from Recacril® fabric that is specifically designed for both awning and marine uses. We like this one as it comes assembled and ready for installation.

Valencia Semi-Cassette Retractable Patio Awning
Retractable porch canopy

Ideal for screen porches and three-season rooms! We love this design and know how functional and popular European design roll up porch canopy can be.

Parisian Roll-Up Awning by General Awnings™
Roll up porch canopy

We like this option. The free-standing pergola is extremely functional in that you can place it in lots of different locations. As shown here, it makes for wonderful shade over a patio area.

You can also use it over a deck or as a front porch extension - see more ideas about that here.

Newport Freestanding Pergola by General Awnings™
Stand-alone pergola over patio

Wish to Purchase Porch Awnings?

General Awnings™ was kind to share their pictures with us. If you enjoyed what you see here, then check them out and we'd love to hear your thoughts as we are not affiliated with them.

Another place where you can find a variety of choices is Amazon. This is our affiliate link.

Check Out These Window Cover Ideas

Think you can't have it both ways? Well, this unique awning design allows you to see out the window yet offers protection from the elements while saving energy like other fixed window canopies.

Panorama Window Awning by General Awnings™
A window awning idea that lets you see through

Dome shaped window awnings are ideal for both windows and doors, making them quite versatile.

Seville Dome-Shaped Awning by General Awnings™
Dome-shaped window awning

Side wing window awnings offer additional protection and the horizontal design complements the exterior of your home.

side wings window Awning by General Awnings™
Side wings window awning

This is just a small sampling of porch canopy ideas from which to choose. We encourage you to check out all of the product options available through General Awnings™.

General Awnings™ your online source for a home improvement that may save you money and increase your home or business' appeal. General Awnings™ offers decorating and energy-saving possibilities ranging from Old World-inspired awnings to modern styles and is you online source for both residential and commercial establishments. Founded in Colorado by a custom home builder who wanted to eliminate time searching for just the right awning to add appeal and save energy costs.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with General Awnings but appreciate them sharing their pictures with us. While have not had the opportunity to see their products or use their services, we always recommend doing your homework before making important buying decisions.

Be sure to see our porch awning section too!

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