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Porch Anatomy

A Directory of the Various Parts of a Porch

Porches have a lot going on: porch anatomy is the parts of a porch that you can see and those that you don't.

Mary and I call it porch anatomy. We are referring to everything from the porch decking to porch ceilings - and more! Each component is essential to the structure of your porch or as a decorative feature that expresses your style.

You'll also want to consider detailing that makes your porch vintage.

Woodwork that reflects your architectural style ensures authenticity. Porch railings, balusters, porch columns, trims, porch steps, and porch lights. Wow! Let's sort through it all.

Porch anatomy illustration example

You don't have to know the specifics of porch construction unless you are either building a porch or hiring a contractor to do it. But it's a great idea to be knowledgeable so you can spot potential problems and ensure additions fit both the architectural style and structural integrity of your porch.

Building, Remodeling or Decorating?

Whether you are building, remodeling or decorating, it's good to understand porch anatomy. Explore the possibilities! We've made it easy by addressing components separately.

From the Ground Up

porch foundations
Porch Foundations
Essential to having a well-built long lasting porch

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Vinyl Lattice Panels
Vinyl Lattice Panels
Make your porch unique with custom vinyl panels

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porch skirting
Porch Skirting
Skirting options and planning factors to consider

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how to build steps
How to Build Steps
What seems daunting at first is fairly easy once explained

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porch steps
Porch Steps
Create curb appeal plus functionality with the right porch stair design

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porch flooring
Porch Flooring
We address your porch's flooring anatomy: the footings, joists and bridging

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porch decking materials
Porch Decking
Treated wood, concrete, interlocking deck tiles, aluminum and more
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install porch floor
Porch Flooring Videos
Video series for installing tongue and groove

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ledger flashing
Ledger Flashing
An essential component to a long lasting porch

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brick flashing
Brick Flashing
Easy to do once you know the process
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Porch stair hand rails
Stair Hand Rails
Select the right design for your porch
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porch stair hand rails
Porch Hand Rails
Building codes and options for outdoor hand rails
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From The Top Down

roofing materials
Different Types of Roofing Materials
What you need for a water-proof porch roof

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porch ceiling option examples
Porch Ceilings
Options for porch ceilings to include design, materials, and color

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roofing construction materials
Porch Roof Construction
Innovative ideas for porch roof designs and construction

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different kinds of roofing materials
Compare Roofing Materials
Select the right materials for your porch roof
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porch roof
Building a Porch Roof
We share tips involved in building a porch roof

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rise and run examples
Rise and Run Guide
Calculating rise and run - made easy

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metal roof drip edge
Install a Metal Roof
The basic process of installing a metal roof

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Copper - metal roof
Metal Roof Material
Helps you select the right metal roof material for your porch or home
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metal porch roof
Metal Porch Roof
See our photo gallery of metal roofs

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Porch Curb Appeal

porch columns pictures
Porch Columns
Porch column pictures and tips for great ideas

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beautiful porch railings
Porch Railings and Kneewalls
Photo ideas and tips for do-it-yourselfers
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exterior trim
Exterior House Trim
Use running trim, spandrels, and brackets to create instant curb appeal
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porch paint colors and types
Porch Paint
Select the right porch paint to enhance your home and save time and money later
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exterior porch floor paint
Porch Floor Paint
Floor paint dries harder, adheres better, and meant to handle heavy traffic
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porch lighting ideas
Porch Lighting
Placement, controls - how to get the most of your lighting
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outdoor porch lights
Outdoor Porch Lights
Outdoor porch light fixtures to consider - even chandeliers

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porch windows
Porch Windows
Use porch windows to enclosure your porch and make it "perfect"

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different porch parts
Porch Parts
Instant curb appeal with handcrafted porch posts, balustrades, railings and exterior house trim
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haint blue front porch ceiling
Haint Blue Porch Paint
For your porch ceilings - learn why and how to get the authentic formulas

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Exterior Doors and More

exterior front doors
Exterior Front Doors
Enjoy the beauty of an exquisite porch front door

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wooden screen door
Wooden Screen Doors
Add lots of personality to your porch

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instant screen door
Instant Screen Door
An instant screen can transform almost any doorway into a screen door
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porch screening
Porch Screening
To help you choose the appropriate screening material
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screen porch
Build a Screened Porch
Options and techniques for building a screened porch

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aluminum exterior screen door by PCA Products
Exterior Screen Door
Discover your screen door options for porch enclosures and more
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Porch Anatomy Essentials

Porch Electrical Systems
Learn about your porch's electrical system. Determine what options you have.
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building permits
Building Permits
The building permit process is important - know how to use it to your advantage

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wheelchair porch lift
Wheel Chair Porch Lifts
Learn about accessible porch equipment such as the T-lift

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wheelchair ramp design
Wheel Chair Ramp Design
Safety and installation considerations
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Porch safety
Porch Safety
Make sure your porch is safe for you and your family

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contractor estimate
Contractor Estimate
Tips for choosing the right contractor from an expert!

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electrical codes guide
Electrical Codes
Review the electrical codes you might need to know if considering any wiring on your porch.

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porch electrical modifications
Electrical Modifications
If you are making electrical modifications to your porch like adding or replacing fixtures.

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wire receptacle
How To Wire A Receptacle
See this before attempting to wire a receptacle on your porch

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how to build wheelchair ramp
How To Build Wheelchair Ramp
Find wheelchair ramp requirements and useful resources

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We hope this information helps you understand porch anatomy a bit more.

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